A Manifest
to the Science of the Future
- 1997 -

Creativity, efficiency, functionality, with no function, with no institution, no centralization, with no limits, with no frontiers, with no ambitions, no wishes, no hopes, but realizing the universal facts, the manifestations of the universal space.

A new scientific practice attitude and an acknowledgement of a new trend, the update of ancient and pre-ancient principles of social solitude and of solitude during the act of knowledge like that of the the ancient masters (teachers - fathers), founders of schools, modest scholars in their mission, who have begun again the call and the manifestation of the "announcements".

This is an ancient institution and attitude, it was created even since antiquity and middle age as a functional, fluent, usual way of creating and leading the private/social sciences, in the benefic isolated way, with a protected sense of the perpetual development, far from organized groups and other organizations, from shallow forms and descriptive obstacles.

These people drove science to its extreme limits with an amazing efficiency and a guidance that has continued to amaze us with the purity of its aims and the virtual accuracy of pursuing them (in a really modern way, the wall-mirror), and it is obvious that they could not know these aims, but they presumed them. Still, they were very confident concerning the results, the deep aim these results were giving birth.

They knew!

They had got to be amazed that they knew - they were realizing the thought of the knowledge.

They knew, just as their feelings were dictating them, the self governed by the triumph of the powers-coincidences, with and within the manifestations of their own laws, working under the watch of the spiritual discrimination, the stage we vaguely and unsuitably call "Illumination".

Do we think again as the ancients used to think?

We want to free ourselves from devorating structures which illusively and abnormally dictate on long term a commercial uniformization of our spirits, which is very difficult to discern even by its initiator, from the thicket of the fortuitous developments, and however failed by eluding the traditions of the discipline in development and approach.

The culture, the civilization and the millenniums mean clarity, discipline, tradition, method, rigour and control/selfcontrol in knowledge and self-knowledge.

All the rest is fashioned imitation and deceptive elusion, ambiguities, empty sophisms or even worse, cheap and of no value, on long and ultralong terms.

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