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    “The Calloso-Pineal gland is an important center of neurological - endocrine and mental having visceral - physiological  leading  functions  of  Biological Integration of Energetically - Emotional Adaptation,for Emotionalities (Calcan) - mental Medietaties ,( Pythagora), or In.corporeales(Platon) .


Anatomically,  the calloso - pineal gland ,  within vertebrates and primates is phylogenetically the heir of ichtiosaurian - paraphisis (as a precursor of the epiphysis / pineal gland /pre,”ante-locus” situational) and it is housed by the bad of the Calloso Body , of which upper face and underneath the cerebral hemispheres it is situated as a spring after the Embryogenetic migration , completed in the 6 th. Month ( at the same time / simultaneously with the Calloso body ).


   Structurally it lengthens within Vertebrates, the Longitudinalis  Medialis stria, one for each hemisphere , within the human body the longitudinalis  medialis stria , and longitudinalis lateralis stria , possibly coupled neuro –       anatomical glial , not only by the calloso structures constitutive and inter - hemispherical, but also by  the original neuro ways  / routes (Lancisi nerves , Papez’s Circuit, olfactory circuit – dorsal branch , stria olfactoria medialis ) ,            


   It lengthens a real Tubular Complex made up  of the Calloso Peri - cisternal Walls , of proximity of Cavum Leptomenigicum and by Sulcus Cyngulatum , with the humectations and their secretory interfaces , humectated by the cephalo-rachidian liquid ( L.C.R )  and  not  only by  this.


    It also lengthens the peritecal sincitial tissue    wrapping - up the Arterial - Venous branches and   also the capillary - lymphatic branches , Migrated     at a distance from the original center of  the Paraphysis , Calloso - Pineal gland during embryogenetic period the 4 th - 6 th . month , simultaneously with the Vascular Buds of the fronto - parietal of the antherior Cerebral Artera/Vena and later on simultaneously with the local formation of the embryonic packets and anastomosis , and especially , in initiality Choroides plexus buds - the cerebral ventricle three .


   We stated that the syncytial tissue and                       his liquid,tardy peritecal artero-venous originates itself and is enriched by the syncytial formations   of the pattern D.N.E.S./ Feyrter of the Embryonic buds by the calloso pineal gland / the paraphysis                 “ coelomic ” by the functionality brought and kept, ontogenetically and philogenetically .


     The embryogenetic Development of the  Calloso Pineal gland lengthens ontogenetically from the early phylogenetical period of “ Tissue Embrionary Organizers ” hierarchies/stages properly followed function  ally and secretory syncytials small cells getting in the end the status of endocrine gland with anatomical Rudimentary body / atrophied with functioning syncytial peri vascular secretory and bearing a functional energetical body,...


   with power of leading and controlling in the pattern of combinatory connectional variabilities of graf - fractalic route of sense, function and energetical secretion of the mediums/medietaties (Pytagora) or incorporeity / in.corporeales (Platon) , “emotional /emotionalities” (Calcan).


   Anyway , we mention that “embriogenetically” , the area of final housing of this neuro – endocrine gland is early myelinized , in the first waves , for the sensorial and motory function ,in the 3rd wave and between the Brodmann Fields, that housing is in the 9th row between the 45th for vertebrates, and for birds and saurians, the mielinization of the same area is more complete and earlier, doubtlessly by the importance of the sensorial ophtalmo-optical development.


   In the anatomical   human body , there might   function / work organs  with a restricted  character,  materially  or  even  “immaterially” (anatomically)  according to  a  physiological – energetical  variant      ( holistic   of   combinatory  Graf – Fractal variability     of  consciousness  of  emotional   functionally    builder )   such  as  :


         The  cybernetic – Energetical  mental  brain        ( cybmerg ) (1) ,  the energetical  thymus (2) , the  endocrine   colosso  pineal  gland – the coelomic paraphisis, archaic (3) are included into this group/category .                    

           These  organs ,  they  and  their  own  and  different   energetical   physiology (holistic) - Graf–Fractal combinatory (1) as resources, means of communication and accessing – of  general driving (2) as a response and adequate adaptation in short time (instantaneously)  and  on   long  terms   :


           Functional ,   secretory  ( secretive )  and  architectural  of  general communication (3) fast  and   even   interactive    instantaneous   internal   bodily–substantially(the modality) of consciousness  (4) as means   of   expressing  of    a  pattern  of    “entity of  consciousness “,  energetical expression as  a  resultant  of “ consciousness ” ,  but   the  category   situated  at  high  function   and   parameters(as extensions, resultant), instantaneous interactivity , having  the  function  of  preventing  and  premonitoring ,  with  function  of bodily - physiological   coupling  to  the  common  physiology  (5) , ...


          As  a  variant of minor importance , palliative secondary accessory without insistence and sometimes  even essential  carried  out by energetical variability   or even  with  endocrine glandular   secretion  neuro  endocrine , directly (!?)  Or  mediated  by the   stimulation  actually by  energetical  scintillation discharges or by energetical   sequence  in breaks ( the signal of  common  chemical  intermediates ).


          The functions (incompletely explored) of secretion production     of  emotionalities (6)      as    super  -  programmers     with    activity      of  an     energetical vehicle monitoring and architectural,        ( of equilibrium pre-matter     matter , in materialization )  with   mental,   pshyco -  mental activity   extend  or  particular .


         The  function   of     neuro - dynamical     energetical    modulator    in   the  combinatory   variability of medialis ( the emotionalities  Graf-  Fractals ) (7) .


         The  function  of  intercommunication  interemisphere  as  a  typical  way of common  activity  of two of the most  important  energetical  organs  as  mentioned  above :


      the   cybmerg , energetical  immaterial mental complex , of which gland ( the endocrine gland )  energetically  essential ,  great  secretion maker  and producer of “emotionals “ - the  calosso   pineal    gland    because  this   is  being   taken   into  discursion ,  carries  out  the   function  ( together )   of   the  intercooperation  drive and  continually  conduct  of the  hemispherical   blocks  – keeping   them   in  an  entirely  communicability   on  the       (  sensory   plane )  sense     perception   plane , sensory – motory plane and  energetical  neuro-        endocrine  as well .


        By the functions of the structure  fractals ,   one for each hemisphere, and of Graf  trunk  interior of   2 - 3  times  with the length  of 15 - 20cm., with  functional routes   of  Hamiltonian  cyclical  external Grafs and  of  internal  trunk - Grafs of 2-3 times longer, lengthened on the     dorsal side of  the calosso - pineal body and of   dorsal  hipocamp , the largest structure  of  hemispheric   intercommunicability , lengthened not accidentally above the neuroendocrine – vegetative  nerve  thalamus centers  .