2002: “Clinical case of Encephalic pre hypophysis, peri – chiasmatic Tumor , taken in at the age of 21 years  old. The retro - anatomical description , diagnosis within Qifoengraphic method ( Calcan ) , mental Echography. A brief study on the ways of Pituitary body gland Migration”.


 Calcan.C,  Calcan M. ”New Endocrinology” Research Centre,Buzau,Romania,e-mail:calcan@ buzau.ro    ;  http://newendocrinology.buzau.ro 


 A brief embryological,anatomical, and energetical study on the ways of Hypophysis , normal and pathologic justification for migration at the moment of getting ready of the 35 - 50 days        of  Embryonic  Life , and the subsequent consequences “ad vitam”, in the physiopathology  of a forced migratory changes:


  the Migratory Accompany of the Hypophysis    by the Tissular   Structures ( cellular groups unreabsorbed melted at the propped moment - as foreign body , a real Branchial Nucleus/solid , strenchtened , the bearer of certain tardive impulses of cellularity D.n.e.s. Feyrter, degenerated  subsequenty into fibromas infiltrative towards nalighity , from the first testosteronic 3 – 5 years impuls , and resumed         at  the age of 15 / 16 /19 years into an        invading  Encephalic frontal peri - Chiasmatic, pre - hipotalamic,  pre - hypophysis  Tumor.


    Clinical case of perichiasmatic tumor , taken     in at the age of 21 years old , with a diffused dissiminated cephalic symptomatology and unique latero cervical adenopaty , diagnosed as Hodgkin disease a Branchial cyst ( the error        dg. Anatomo – bioptic ) ,...


  Particularly , whose tardive apparition is due        to certain embryological Pituitary Migration Accidents ( with artifacts syncytials cells          and at peri - tissular ” foreigner ”- nodul ) , in         the neighborhood of the left Branchial arch 2 ,    at  the  age of 14 – 25  embrionar  days  old ,...


    With  the difference of the hypophysis    phase (normal) , - stomodeum / cardiac tube primitive - intrasfenoidal towards chiasma , basic prozencephalic , at Departure Moment  for    Rising   migration .


     The delay of the migration of  a titular       tissue with a compact aspect , nodular laid in thenear by neighborhood of the hypophysis        the locus “ the Entoblastic Bag ” , the left     branchial arch 2 , but ist lead by Migration Command Laws , with the detachment of      certain small cells syncytials periphery arise indicial , which are perinodular and taken in embryogenetic  Migratory tendency , leads ,...


    Recommended  Hypophysis on a certain route ; The migration leaves from Stomodeum - faringian which contains the forced and   straight crossing ...a tissue layer of supra - faringian Plate and the Route on  Prozencefalic  ORBIT .


     The fascinate Hypophisis through the strong  attraction of intraventricular Trigonof  the three big crossroad : thalamic – hypotalamic - chiasma through the straight Mammilar formation , the biggest Energetically Lighthouse , at the Limit prozencefalo – faringian , the fascinated force ensured  by the tendency of an uncompromised ,  a vascular bag , on the Carotidian Axe , in growth and expand , a cause which is necessary for the oxygenation , in spurt artesian permanent.


     The origin of portal system brought informationality / Permutated coelomic-vitelinic ,  through carotidal crossroad and stronger by     the starting of migration with the portal -hypophysis axe , these produce ,the covering  of the way , and some - time accessory bringing       of a tisulare cluster perinodular , which are       not suffering the “ atrofiation compromise ”an initiation procedure  of remainders , as remaind -iritativ , Compressive Tumor .


It isn’t choosing the way of final settlement through the melt of a real “ strange thing ”( we  take here the notion of “remained embryological   artifact” ) .


    Even if the restant nodule can’t resist to the migration command of the commanding body     of migration and execute the satellite attraction of sinticial neighbourhood .    


It isn’t  helped to  escape , it will ended stocked somewhere on the way ,  most probably in the intermediate area peri - faringian, where “ it  will  sleep ” passing the irritating endocrine resuscitation  of the teenage,  but… it could become active , uncooperative , irritating very sudden .


     Unsuccessful , undesired bag  ( of left indicial   cells in migratory current) , tiny and maybe     transported , through the migration’s blow of   very strong partner for themselves ,hypophysis , cove red by mirage of attraction and so brought power …..    the  gem charge of confluentorderly ,  connection multi - hyper - informational of      portal system – which is more and more ,    stocked hypophysis as in a strong box… and passed   for the encephalic , on a key  position: 


  between  the “ fascicular lighthouse ”  of  the mamilar formation ( tied through  tegument       roll  by hipocamp – limbic ) and  chiasmatic  and    ventricular  embrace .


    Another veritable complex , as the real embryological commander of migrations ( which  is superpose on the top of the one from         above , but  not benefiting of the experiences energetically ).


   The faringian - stomodeum aria, initiatory of   the proximity primitive, superior, cranial intestine as commanding accessory of perichard , preheart primitive heart - tube ( placoda perichard mezotelial ) , placoidial epithelium , olfactive place( the fourth week ) or preheart collar.


   All these are ancestral blocks of evolutive initiation supra - specialized, so called precordal-cranian-cartilaginos lever of the second phase:


 condrocranios – craniums cartilaginous which has a similar phase - ichtiosaurieni ( fish ) , they become collars - forks for the pituitary hole (melting in the unic cartilaginous place , the  based collar, basilar adjacent with etmoidal    bone  and  together  formed  the  pituitary hole .


    Here, it will be receive the pituitary bag, the nest of the future gland, in fact a protection  area, extremely good, with a future hole towards the ordered and wished connection, even more presumptive for future.


   In our clinical study, the strange tissulare,     cells bag , peri – pituitary , it remains constant functional , on a long way of time , endocrine   and vascular impulses which were monopolize occasionally , started the procedure of growth  and functionality  looking for a place without   any commander frame of program.


  This expand chaotic work , the simple way of responding at the commander’s rules , received and interpretated functional - anatomic disordered.


   It isn’t allowed the local evolution , without ordered control , capacities , and solicitant connections.


   The compressive , anarchic growth , the     setup simple , global tissular and infiltrative, where it tries the insinuation proposed by       auto - vascularisation.


  In this case , it is and will be a large expansion ,  more  and  more  compressive by the secretor  function.