1997 - The physiologically modification of the energetically body of the thymus in frame of the organically general pathology in visceralisation stage and especially in frame of the immune pathology through self-immunity were presented in the program of endocrinology symposium from Timisoara `97.

Authors: Christian Calcan, Mariana Calcan-Private research center of holistic neuro-endocrinology medicine „Do Hishiryo Xin” Buzau,Romania,(2000)   or ”New Endocrinology” Research Center (2002).,


Summary of titles:

·       The physiologically improvement and removement functions (for adaptation) of fisiopathological modifying functional or lesion from the background of the local self-immunity pathology, the energetically body of thymus, the neighborhood of the organs from thymus bad (medium previous mediastin) and general organic, as well as their echo from the neighborhood and  at general way.

·       The distinguishement of the leader role of the aria-pole/ („thymus tanks”) and the infrastructures which they are formed, which are distinguished functional „in vivo” in the fifth stage of the thymus body.

·       The decisive lead and the extremely precise co-ordination which has each aria thymus-tank and its infrastructures (distinguished by the increases *4900 times {7x70} and *[70-80x70]) in energetically drain dynamic of thymus pathology (local, general self-immunity „in visceral” corporeal).

·       The graduated following of the mutant energetically stages, perfect order/co-ordinate through the energetically pulsate and continuous dynamic(for a great speed) on infra-tanks structures (increased by 4900 times and functional „in vivo”)-type vibratory hand- mill for a great rotative speed, circular rotative arias, micro-aria of receive-expulsion, micro-aria of transforming and recon version energetically-vibratory, helicoidally aria receivers of surplus of pathological energy or normal from the cervical-cephalic aria (through the channel of leakage „windows sky”, through the functionality of a lot of reunion points/from acupunctures).

·       The separate role of each infrastructures in graduated energetically changing of the thymus body and the aria-tank include (the fifth vertical stages) and they respect the graded passes, from stage to stage-“in block” through the completely cleaning of the energetically body (the expel of the incipient and fisiopathologically lesion and the install of a minor energetically distribution, equal alternatively and normal functioning).

·       The insurance through the functional perfect energetically functioning keeping the normality, even in the case of new relapse, the efficiency of the “protector energetically barrage” made by “infrastructures thymus tank”, dynamic organs prepared for self-protector through their great circulatory dynamic speed, quivery, like a hand-mill and helicoidally. They work with a great energy on the top of the perfect vectorial parameters gears in a hole functional, regarding the genetic code of the living, of the “individual bios”, general holistically energetically.

·       The detail explains using the functioning stages on infrastructures and aria-tank, thymus.

·       The permanent energetically mail of an “aria-tank” thymus as a “middle body mirror” with functioning arias as “amplification mirror station” and power co-ordinates cerebral, the way of pineal gland, dorsal hippocampus, cyngulum.

·       The role of the couple thymus-pineal gland, the way of pineal gland, “a spotlight mirror of amplification-keeper-resuscitation as a command-control energetically”, in this way the hole body is straight at the personal energy (from the birth or adaptive at all trying moment of the expel visceral);

It is command, equalized, compelled, to anticipate and to participate to the insurance of this common energy type, by the particular-personal stamp, individual characteristic.

Of course, it is situated as functional-physically, energetically, holistic center of “cybmerg” (mental-energetically-cybernetic brain, possessed holistic by the “personality of energy-emotion-thought complex”).

All the micro-tisulare corporeal regions [gyrus-cyngulus, the lateral ventricles tanks(II) cerebrals, the thoracic aortic arias(1/3 inferior), the esophagus aria(the inferior part), the posterior walls of omenthal burse(minor),hypothalamic nucleus, the infrastructures faces of pineal gland, “landmarks and spindles” of the pineal gland way (energetically), the intern lateral aria of the right atrium, the inferior segment of the superior cave venous];they are station of command, recon version, keeping and resuscitation local-regional of print energy (or in a moment) as a true “searchlight mirrors-amplification station”,” the satellite system of cybmergus”.