1998/The Title: Biological forms, organs and tissual structures thought as Energetical Expressions with Physiological Energetical Functionality and the concepts which define, contain and allow the understanding of the values born Through the Energetical Dynamism, characteristics and their application to the Neuro-Endocrinology. PART 1.


Authors: Dr. Cristian Calcan, Dr. Mariana Calcan – Private Center Of Research Of Neuro-Endocrine Holistic Medicine “Gen Ki Medicine, Do Hishirio Xin Zazen Medical” Buzău


The energetical thymus, the energetical pancreas, the calosso pineal gland as energetical fractal graf, the corporal unique energetical fractal, chromosome with energetical expression, the endocrine gland “screened” (immaterial / without a body) sensitivized energetically, expressed by various quantums of presence are entities with energetical functions subjugated and under the “Cybmerg’s” supervision (energetical brain with functions of visceral cybernetic supervision / are physiological realities of production, of supervision, of access, “of energetical complex” reset are relays of visceral conscience as main information ways in the energetical pattern of the combining energo – info – quantum with and arranged way “bioenergetically organized, a proper aspect of embryonary caelomic modulation” and admitted, transposed in the Diversifying of the Evolutive Creation of Growth/ Development.


The presentation of the variants of the energetical variability contains:


1.     The dynamical energetical subliminating neuromodulation, the imperceptible form.

2.     The endocrine modulating endocrine secretory

3.     The caelomic variability of the pattern ovocitar pre – embryonary organizer

4.     The caelomic variability of the pattern tissual embryonary organizers

5.     The caelomic variability of the pattern endocrine – pre – glandular in tissual, syncytial plane surfaces (D.N.E.S. – Feyrter)

6.     The caelomic modulating variability of the pattern bunch, embryonary syncytial buds, arterio – venous lymphatic circulatory sub – trunks with a residence and a peritecali adventiciali component or lepto – meningicum (within the calosso pineal gland – embryonary or grown-up)


This presentation gives the dimension of the numerous variants chosen by biologically as “modalities” of expression and energetical self-control during the life evolution or by the species using the mechanisms of order and arrangement of functional Physiological code of the proximities of the fractal-graf of 6 “real code universally invariable”.


The energetical modulation as concept of selecting, adapting to the most properly expression, relationship and biological response towards another biological form or as a response to the environmental changes by the changing of the physiological energetical functionality framed only in the invariable pattern of some families of vecinities separated and qualitatively quantization, followed in the quanitative expression, making up groups or categories of variabilities combining conex – arranged along the route of the fractal - graf trunk is one of the main aspects of the holistic world of the energetical Pythagoras’s vecinities.


The concept of dynamical energetical modulation by the conex combining variabilities along the Fractal – Graf Trunk has a general function and it is good to be applicable to all the above-mentioned forms as variants of modulation.


It is a form, a mathematics elaborate result applied in a biological resultant. It is, actually, physiological expression of the mathematics result  - multitudes of mathematics analysis, perceived biologically (in similarity as belonging physiologically to the biological tissual multitudes and implicitly cytological with the names of “Fractals” as forms (details hierarchically schematized) and the name of the graf or graf – trunk for comprising the dynamical energetical arrangement on the way as means of communication, creativity, assurance and adaptation of the relationships of the physiological and functional complex (concept 1 and 2).


Since the mathematical and biological pattern of fractal is a form generally invariable, permutable in the hierarchically aggregation, it isn’t astonishingly that it is given to the biological material role of tissual and cytological basis and the functional quality of arranging along the route of the energetical dynamics is attributed to the mathematical pattern of graf, particularly “Graf Trunk” which brings along the impeccable arrangement, but irrevocable, adjustable in adaptation, of the arrangement of the energetical dynamics on the way, the “Incorporals” or the “Emotionals” (in a combinatory connection) so that everything witch is energetical  variability, Phytagora vecinities, “incorporals” or the “emotionals” (Calcan) are multitudes and various energetical variations belonging, precisely to the 6 families of energetical variabilities – “Principal and Essential” (Concept 1 and 5).


 Only to these 6 families – and to the Titular energetical forms – there are attributed all the individual forms, particularly and generally, which assure the segmentary of the Fractal segments, with their energetical dynamics, specifically to its family, to its combinatory, after the selection of the adaptation and of the interactive responses – proposed as a solution or obtained by solving. (Concept 2,3,4 and 5)


The variability of the adjustment and the specificity of the energetical alloys – used or produced by the energetical dynamics, in an “arranged form”, on a certain way / by the way circumstances – thy interactive mode and by a pattern of route – the kind of the way – the obligatory nuance of the impeccable fixity, as Direction and Addressing, give us the nearly infinite dimension of the forms of Expression, as a Presentation and of Expression as a functional resultant of the well – done adaptation or not, there matters only the arrangement on the way  brought by the Graf, its combinatory arrangement of Graf – Trunk (Concept 2).


Thus there have been presented, with a deductive programming and a simple stating, the following concepts:


1.     The concept “Fractal” form

2.     The combining concept of arrangement of the route Fractal – Graf Trunk

3.     The concept of proximity variabilities combinatory conex, on the way of the Fractal-Graf-Trunk in the Energetical Dynamics of the Energetical Proximities – Phytagora

4.     The concept of proximities – Phytagora – as families of variabilities originated from inseparable places of the segments on the route of graf or graf trunk with 7 peaks, 6 edges, and the fixation of the energetical dynamics in variabilities of energetical families.

5.     The concept of the physiological energetical inseparable of the reference, of reporting within the 6 sequential segments, of the fractal proximity, applicable to the functions and physiopathology of the organ, of any fractalic dimension, this is tissual.


The 6 families of proximities, each with his energetical expression of the “Primordial pattern” gets the proper importance the clear reception and indubitable of the making up of a real “physiological and physiopathological code” of the energetical families and of the pattern of their variabilities and which always shows the some tendencies of fixation or of transformation nearly with the same quantization of the dimension of the sense specifically to the segment of general corporal fractal or of its mirror hemi corporal. The Fractalic graf route of the Calosso Pineal gland of the Hemisphere (half hemisphere) continuatory which passes unmodified through the organic hierarchical tissual up to the various fractal components being the last in the hierarchical forms.


This is the sense of the “energetical physiological inseparable code (limited to the 6 families of the variabilities of the proximity of Pythagoras, which occupy the 6 side-faces of the fractal, occupying the 6 (out of 7) peaks of the Graf Trunk, occupying the 6 edges with obligatory order of the route (!), laws which explain “ the fixity of belonging to a family (1), the variability started from the border – “borna”/ “the head of the family” (2) and the expression of the order of the changing / modifications on the route ,“arranged, predictably organized from the route space”.


Like the “bornas” of the Calosso Pineal gland, lengthened on the tops of the fractal graf trunk, coincidentally with the vascular cinsternal buds of the anatomical structure “the physiological energetical fixed code”, bears literary numerical signs A1, B2, C3, C4, D5, D6, expressing symbolically the variability of the “Energetical Essential Third Form: Ynn, Ynn-Yang, Yang”.


And because we are following the Pythagoras’s theory and the mathematics biological multitudes we reveal also the symbolical numerological values of the physiological code calosso pineal energetical, arithmetical but also “mediatic – emotionally”:   3   ,   5   ,   8   ,   9   ,   7  ,  4   as the scientists of the ancient times understood the succession and permutation of the symbolical numerical  fixed landmarks of the energetical dynamics (concept 5).