LISABONA 2004 ICE, PORTUGAL.( text control)

Title:“The Energetical Anatomical Portal Plan System”,the most thoroughly accomplishedly building in the biological evolution.

The portal venous - system,“informational embrionary care” of venous vitellin circulator system. The embrionay structur as a Portal Pituitary body sistem at embrionary 6 months , the micro - structures, the Energetical Portal Accelerator system, ”onto - phylogenetic” anatomical , functional and energetical semnifications. Graf - fractal within the endocrine physiology , emotionalitiesin .coaglutinabilities (Calcan) as ”energetical dynamic linkers ” functionals , constructivs ” .

Authors: Calcan Cristian, Calcan Mariana, ” New Endocrinology ” Research Center , Buzau , Romania// ; http://newendocrinology.buzau,ro

“Graf.- tempor / time. - fractal”, and “the informational pathway – energetics”, known as makers, producers, builders of medietaties cognitive informational synthethis,nominated by:

modulated ,all of them, altogether, materialized in forms and anatomical structures biologically, physiologically functions, adaptive sublayers and of neuro – modulatory transduction, secretory - endocrine modulators, coelomics, biolgically organizers vitellin , with pre - enzimatic, enzimatic ancient , archaic substituants onto - phylogenetic,

( the biological axioma:”in activing for Grafs - Fractals routes, the energetic quantum = the archaic enzyme ist.”).

The steady patterns of the “graf-fractal”,of endocrine functions:1./“the pineal calosso gland”-secretory of ”emotionalities”. 2./“the Pituitary gland”- energetic accelerator of command and physiological adaptation, by the distributive function of the anatomical and locus changes of the individual portal system , 3./“D.n.e.s. Feyrter systems”, ancient/ archaic endocrine – syncytial, the former tissue bulks, with Functions of celular embrionary growth organizers (or of tissue areas migrations),...

and subsegmently or concomitently, functioningas primitive, elementary endocrine glands,Phylogenetical ( former energetical, afterwards secretory ), as the two crossways – main “stems” are of the hepatic portal system: the final emergence of the superior mezenteric vein, (stem1), that of the splenic vein and the inferior mezenteric vein, (stem2),of the reunion of the splenic “stem”(3), these “reference cognition ensembles”,....

continue “the phylogenetic”, functions of “the large vitelline nutritive vascular trunks, and umbilicalo-alantoidiene ”, which are perpetuating during the “Embrionary Stage”, by precisely variants:

Circulatory (1) : - in flow ,in nourishment, in oxygenation, - but particularly by the subtle game of the locations,rotations, inclusion,(2) : by atrophy, by the syncytial-tissular consuming or invadingly by herniated and by venous - arterial function reversal (3) : of blood – composition , or by the tunica cap - aspect of proport ion in the oxygenating , of cessation in the sinusoidale stagnation in the ray of two neighbouring capilary nets , self -making up ,aspects by which we recognize the algorythm of the known vascula-venous portal systems: hepatic and pituitary gland.

The early embrionary venous functional preponderence in double vitellin and umbilical circuits, assures (tunicial) canaliculary tubes of nutritive, nourishment, transport (1),vitellinly or placentarily stored, carrier of oxigenated blood (2),coexisting together with “the mural venous seal”(!!!) (3).