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Short comparative and descriptive study:“Butterflies’ballet”described by
Pytagora. The presence,particular characteristics of energetical dynamics
of principal endocrine glands,leading,thaumaturgic and unnobservable
physiology,Bearing of vibratile phenomena-energetical as vibratile
accesories with wings,semnificative for harmony of fluids’vibrations.

Calcan C.1, Calcan M.2
1'New Endocrinology'Research Centre,Buzau,Romania, Buzau Districtual Hopital, BUZAU, 2'New Endocrinology'Research Center,Buzau,Romania, Buzau Districtual Hospital, BUZAU
The Energetically Sessions:The presentation (Claudia28years old,a Primary infertility) generated the realisation of a the first Session of Apreciation,in which it was found energetical angagement-consonance of effect of dynamics,with waking up endocrine bodies with wings;Of Pytagora,this endocrine glands is,in Dynamic Movement,acrobatical flight/movies butterflies!as wings,(vibrations of frequency),at the following glands,have the functional aspect showed below.It showed the presence and particular characteristics of energetical dynamics of endocrine gland: At first places there are “Calosso-Pineal gland,Hypophysis,at special place there is Uterus,“Portal System-Livery Gland”,at next place it is’VitellineCirculatorySystem’gland(embryonary as vascular-anatomical rudiments), then Thymus usually-insensible aspect! Calosso-Pineal Endocrine gland: A big-medium green(crisolith-cromo) butterfly,with six pointed luminiscent red(coral-cromo)Landmarks,its Body and Wings are Phosphorescent as Glow Worms (wide wings,orientated to the Occiput and its Body is predominantly due to Portal System of Hypophysis).

Thyroid: With a rudimentary aspect(mainly embryonary,at age of 4-6 months): with an aspect of flying cricket,it jumps glides characteristic jumpings, with a peculiar rhythm (an aspect full of hapiness,joy of life)It has a characteristic phosphorescence,especially when it jumps,and on the sides of wings,which are short and relatively wide(at a dragon fly), general aspect of cricket hides a similar insect with wings!

Thymus:With a Long Body, and small short anterior wings,mouvements of humming bird as frequency and reduced swinging proportion.PortalSystem and Livery Endocrine gland:With an aspect of Bumble Bee and a Naughty Fly(it is similar toEgyptian Scarabeus,associated cerebral organ),wide movements,the biggest and the most carrying vibratile force).Vitelline-Umbilical-Vascular System gland: With an aspect of butterfly of cabblage, with high mobility,it doesn’t fly too far,it has an elegant-Graceful Fly,a Medium vibratile force of glide,it goes up to encephalic Little Bee.

Presenting Author:
Dr. Of Interal Medicine Specialist Cristian Calcan / 'New Endocrinology'Research Centre,Buzau,Romania / 5100 BUZAU / 26,CRISAN / Romania / 0040.238. 715. 778. / calcan@buzau.ro