Title:    “Energetical Coelomic Modulation or Dynamic Energetical holistic Neuromodulation.“


 “Energetical coelomic modulation” is a primitive primordial embryonic pattern, a permanent  function  of  the  living.


  Its Neuro - holistic character and its function as a manifestation of the self-organizatory Callosso - Pineal Complex usage to be considered as a function of Neuromodulation of the Energetical Holistic Dynamics, a Neuroendocrine system which has to be assumed , its screens’ Holistic / (Combinatory Variabilities)   physiology.

  Calloso – Pineal-Way encephalic mental holistogram - an easy and fast method of neuroendocrine investigation, its stages and their value. ( Resume )


  Energetical modulation is Coelomic modulation, is the modulation( dynamic energetical holistic neuromodulation ) which arouses energetical impulses in every coelomic areas divided during organic segmentation whitin the framework of the organs’ dispersion in the Embryogenesis.


  Energetical or Coelomic Modulation is a prophylactic modulation which realizes by modulating congestive pathological aspect and energetical aspect an awoken of the activity in adaptation and it is the one which benefits of strong forces unleashed by adaptation within the framework of normal or holistic physiology and physiopathology.


  In fact , this is a normal situation because The Coelom is a whole,as a general aspect , and it appears among the first primordial structures of the Embryo and its subsequent appearance, especialy the peritoneal appearance gets a total memory in the stage of “ somita ” - the host of the Somatopleura and Splanchopleura and, of course, previously,in the pre-Coelomic stage of the and, ” Archenteron ” (primitive intestine), ...


Which cumulates and spreads its structures to the subsequent Coelom,the post Archenteron, a memory  which, whitin the framework of the tissual segments joined in a micro-sequence texture, comes down to the most hidden and lowest areas in the Thyroid gland or Pancreas, as real Coelomic Segments,..


    which,from an apparently hidden premises, answer to the comands addresed then and also addressed to the big organs for whom these thyroidal and pancreatic segments  are Calloso – Pineal endocrine gland screen in holistic function.


  This functionality is ensured from the stage of the forming structures’ developing of the Embryonic Buds, right from the first weeks of life of the embryo.


   Of course, in embryogenesis, in early Gastrulation and before early gastrulation it is spoken about Organizers Centers situated on the egg (ovocitare place) , among ovocites.


  These Organizers Centers certainly are apparently diffuse syncytial areas, whitout  a  reson  of  microscopic - cytologic recognition.


  They  seem that in the secret function of Energetical Coelomic-holistic Modulation to function in the manner of Energetical  Dynamics - hidden and discrete, lating and immuable, carrying an informational amount at high standard  of  high  and  exponential speed, in  a  graduated command.


   In fact , those syncytial centers belong to the walls of the future Coelom (or Archenteron) but on the plane of the Embryogenesis are pre-Coelomic areas wich come as centers (or migrated areas) from the organizers - coordinative centers  of  Blastula  or  early  Gastrula.


   It in interesting to realize from where come these pre - Coelomic(?)Or pure-Coelomic(?) centers.


   Of course that plane of the embryonic developing is a Genetic Mendelian coded plane - but not only that - and it can be considered an ordinary morphological plane for some functionalities with a morphological Mendelian course, and for holistic functionalities, for energetical dynamics, coelomic energetical modulation, it is associated functionally with a holistic Genetic plane, in every organisational /-with organisers centers / specifications and the functions which belong to it.