Title: ”Biological forms,organs and tissual structures thought as energetical Expressions with physiological Energetical functionality and the concepts which define,contain and allow the understanding of the Values Born through the Energetical Dynamism, Characteristics and their Application to the neuro-endocrinology”


Calcan C, Calcan M, “New Endocrinology” Research Center,Buzau,Romania, mail:calcan@buzau.ro  


TheEnergetical Thymus,the energetical Pancreas,the calosso pineal gland as energetical Fractal-Graf,the corporeal unique energetical fractal,Chromosome with energetical expression,the endocrine gland “Screened” (immaterial/without a body) sensitivized energetically, expressed by various quantums of presence are entities with energetical functions subjugated and under the “cybmerg’s” supervision (energetical brain with functions of visceral cybernetic supervision)Are physiological realities of production, of supervision,of access,“of Energetical Complex”reset are Relays of Visceral Conscience, as main information Ways in the energetical Pattern of the Combining energo-info-quantum with and arranged way“bioenergetically-cybernetic”organized,a proper Aspect of Embryonary Coelomic Modulation”and admitted,transposed in the Diversifying of the Evolutive Creation of Growth/development.The presentation of the variants of the energetical variability contains:1./The dynamical energetical Subliminating Neuromodulation,the imperceptible form.2./The endocrine modulating endocrine  Endo-Exocrin Secretory.3./The coelomic variability of the pattern ovocitar pre-embryonary organiser.

4./The coelomic variability of the pattern Tissual Embryonary Organizers.5./The coelomic variability of the pattern endocrine-pre-glandular in tissual,syncytial plane surfacees (D.n.e.s.Feyrter).6./ The coelomic modulating variability of the pattern bunch,embryonary syncytial buds,arterio-venous lymphatic circulatory sub-trunks with a residence and a peritecali adventiciali component or lepto-meningicum(within the calosso pineal gland-embryonary or grown-up).

This presentation gives the dimension of the numero us variants chosen by biologically as“modalities”of expression and energetical self-control during the life evolution or

 by the species using the mechanisms of order and arr angement of functional physiological code of the Medietaities-Emotionalities-In.coaglutinabilies(Calcan)of the Fractal-Graf of 6 “Real Code Universally invariable”.


The energetical modulation as concept of selecting, adapting to the most properly expression,relationship and biological response towards another biological form or as a response to the environmental changes by the changing of the physiological energ etical functionality framed only in the invariable pattern of some families of vecinities separated and qualitatively quantization,followed in the quanitative expression,maki ng up groups or categories of variabilities combining conex-arranged along the route of the fractal-graf trunk is one of the main aspects of the holistic world of the energe tical pythagoras medietaties,all the above mentioned forms as variants of modulation.


The concept of dynamical energetical modulation by the conex combining variabilities along the fractal – graf trunk has a general function and it is good to be applicable to all the above-mentioned forms as variants of modulation.


It is a form, a mathematics elaborate result applied in a biological resultant. It is, actually, physiological expression of the mathematics result  - multitudes of mathematics analysis, perceived biologically (in similarity as belonging physiologically to the biological tissual multitudes and implicitly cytological with the names of “fractals” as forms (details hierarchically schematized) and the name of the graf or graf – trunk for comprising the dynamical energetical arrangement on the way as means of communication, creativity, assurance and adaptation of the relationships of the physiological and functional complex (concept 1 and 2).


Since the mathematical and biological pattern of fractal is a form generally invariable, permutable in the hierarchically aggregation, it isn’t astonishingly that it is given to the biological material role of tissual and cytological basis and the functional quality of arranging along the route of the energetical dynamics is attributed to the mathematical pattern of graf, particularly “graf trunk” which brings along the impeccable arrangement, but irrevocable, adjustable in adaptation, of the arrangement of the energetical dynamics on the way, the “incorporals” or the “emotionals” (in a combinatory connection) so that everything witch is energetical  variability, phytagora vecinities, “incorporals” or the “emotionals” (calcan) are multitudes and various energetical variations belonging, precisely to the 6 families of energetical variabilities – “principal and essential” (concept 1 and 5).


 only to these 6 families – and to the titular energetical forms – there are attributed all the individual forms, particularly and generally, which assure the segmentary of the fractal segments, with their energetical dynamics, specifically to its family, to its combinatory, after the selection of the adaptation and of the interactive responses – proposed as a solution or obtained by solving. (concept 2,3,4 and 5)


The variability of the adjustment and the specificity of the energetical alloys – used or produced by the energetical dynamics, in an “arranged form”, on a certain way / by the way circumstances – thy interactive mode and by a pattern of route – the kind of the way – the obligatory nuance of the impeccable fixity, as direction and addressing, give us the nearly infinite dimension of the forms of expression, as a presentation and of expression as a functional resultant of the well – done adaptation or not, there matters only the arrangement on the way  brought by the graf, its combinatory arrangement of graf – trunk (concept 2).


Thus there have been presented, with a deductive programming and a simple stating, the following concepts:


1.       The concept “fractal” form

2.       The combining concept of arrangement of the route fractal – graf trunk

3.       The concept of proximity variabilities combinatory conex, on the way of the fractal-graf-trunk in the energetical dynamics of the energetical proximities – phytagora

4.       The concept of proximities – phytagora – as families of variabilities originated from inseparable places of the segments on the route of graf or graf trunk with 7 peaks, 6 edges, and the fixation of the energetical dynamics in variabilities of energetical families.

5.       The concept of the physiological energetical inseparable of the reference, of reporting within the 6 sequential segments, of the fractal proximity, applicable to the functions and physiopathology of the organ, of any fractalic dimension, this is tissual.


The 6 families of proximities, each with his energetical expression of the “primordial pattern” gets the proper importance the clear reception and indubitable of the making up of a real “physiological and physiopathological code” of the energetical families and of the pattern of their variabilities and which always shows the some tendencies of fixation or of transformation nearly with the same quantization of the dimension of the sense specifically to the segment of general corporal fractal or of its mirror hemi corporal. The fractalic graf route of the calosso pineal gland of the hemisphere (half hemisphere) continuatory which passes unmodified through the organic hierarchical tissual up to the various fractal components being the last in the hierarchical forms.


This is the sense of the “energetical physiological inseparable code (limited to the 6 families of the variabilities of the proximity of Pythagoras, which occupy the 6 side-faces of the fractal, occupying the 6 (out of 7) peaks of the graf trunk, occupying the 6 edges with obligatory order of the route (!), laws which explain “ the fixity of belonging to a family (1), the variability started from the border – “borna”/ “the head of the family” (2) and the expression of the order of the changing / modifications on the route ,“arranged, predictably organized from the route space”.


Like the “bornas” of the calosso pineal gland, lengthened on the tops of the fractal graf trunk, coincidentally with the vascular cinsternal buds of the anatomical structure “the physiological energetical fixed code”, bears literary numerical signs a1, b2, c3, c4, d5, d6, expressing symbolically the variability of the “energetical essential third form: ynn, ynn-yang, yang”.


And because we are following the pythagoras’s theory and the mathematics biological multitudes we reveal also the symbolical numerological values of the physiological code calosso pineal energetical, arithmetical but also “mediatic – emotionally”:   3   ,   5   ,   8   ,   9   ,   7  ,  4   as the scientists of the ancient times understood the succession and permutation of the symbolical numerical  fixed landmarks of the energetical dynamics (concept 5).





            In the Anatomical   Human Body , there might  function / work organs  with   a restricted  character,  materially  or  even  “immaterially” (anatomically)  according to  a  physiological – energetical  variant  ( holistic   of   combinatory  Graf – Fractal variability     of  consciousness  of  emotional  functionally    builder )  such as :   the Cybernetic –energetical  mental  brain  ( cyber ) (1) ,  the energetical  thymus (2) , the  endocrine   calosso - pineal  gland – the coelomic paraphysis(3) are included into this group/category .  


            These  organs ,  they  and  their  own  and  different   energetical   physiology (holistic) - Graf–Fractal combinatory (1) as resources, means of communication and accessing –of  general driving (2) as a response and adequate adaptation in short time (instantaneously)  and  on   long  terms   :    functional ,   secretary  ( secretive )  and  architectural  of  general            communication  (3)    fast  and   even   interactive    instantaneous   internal   bodily – substantially(the modality) of consciousness (4) as means   of   expressing  of    a  pattern  of    “entity   of   consciousness “,  energetical expression as  a  resultant  of “consciousness”,  but   the  category   situated  at  high  function   and   parameters  ( as   extensions ,  resultant, instantaneous interactivity , having  the  function  of  preventing  and  premonitoring ,  with  function  of bodily- physiological   coupling  to  the  common  physiology  (5)    as  a   variant    of minor importance , palliative secondary accessory without insistence and sometimes  even essential  carried  out by energetical variability   or even  with  endocrine glandular      secretion  neuroendocrine , directly (!?)  or  mediated  by the   stimulation  actually  by  energetical  scintillation discharges or by energetical   sequence  in breaks ( the signal of   common  chemical intermediates .


The functions (incompletely explored) of secretion production of emotionals (6)    as    super  -  programmers     with    activity    of     an     energetical     vehicle   monitoring   and       architectural  ,  ( of    equilibrium   pre-matter      matter ,  in materialization)with mental  pshyco-   mental activity  extend or particular .


The  function  of  intercommunication  interemisphere  as  a  typical  way of common  activity  of two of the most  important  energetical  organs  as  mentioned  above : the   cybmerg , energetical  immaterial mental complex , of which gland ( the endocrine gland )  energetically  essential ,  great  secretion maker and producer of “emotionals “ -  the  calosso   pineal    gland    because  this   is  being   taken   into  discursion ,  carries  out  the   function  ( together )  of   the  intercooperation  drive and  continually  conduct  of   the  hemispherical   blocks    keeping   them   in  an  entirely  communicability   on  the   (  sensory plane )  sense       perception   plane , sensory – motory plane and  energetical  neuroendocrine  as well .


By the functions of the structure  fractals , one for each hemisphere , and of Graf  trunk  interior of   2-3  times  with the length  of  15 –20 cm. ,with  functional routes of Hamiltonian cyclical  external Grafs and  of  internal trunk –Grafs of 2-3 times longer,  lengthened  on  the  dorsal  side of   the calosso – pineal  body and of dorsal hipocamp,   the    largest structure   of  hemispheric    intercommunicability ,lengthened not accidentally above the neuroendocrine – vegetative nerve  thalamus centers  .



It is necessary to make a short presentation of the terminology of the word holistic, holisticism, holism (deriving from the English word “wholeisticism” as a system o coherent totality bringing about connections and particularities, immerging one from the others, by a mutual action in their totality, simultaneously alternatively, material wave in energy (energetical dynamics) even without knowing and studying thoroughly the internal structure (which at the speed of shifts can be transferable), word which by the time passing and exaggerate usage, up to date, has become indefinite and almost obsolete.


The most proper/adequate definition at the up to date knowledge of this terminology would be: the connex combining of energetical graf-fractal medialis or “energo – infoquantization – informational or infotronical, connex variability” keeping only the aspect – “energetical combinatory and informational “ – as triple essential morphological and functional”.


Therefore, “holism” is a common way of making up connection and confederacy functional and informational from 1 to “N” S ICCI – the Energo – Info – Quantization – Combinatory – Informational with/by route, and it is the mechanism, the only cause / superior to the “know – how of the existence of the Universe” and not a simply descriptive conceptual, almost worn-out by the usage of the terminology “Universal” adjectival, being in fashion at present.


As a matter of fact, the extension of the biological phenomenon, not of the changes/transformations simultaneously between material and energy, together with an over helming presence/usage of the word “informational phenomenon”, further surpassing the comprehension, even mediating by computers, the fact that we find ourselves in front of a brink, which just before passing it over, pulverizes the essence of the up to date knowledge and takes us back nostalgically and admiringly to the ancient times and to the Renaissance representatives, who at present seem to us as having been better trained and schooling, with a greater amount of knowledge about the “energetical phenomenon (informational combinatory by essence) and we feel ourselves more isolated from Hypocrate’s world of knowledge of natural phenomena, without thinking about the fact that the modern technicism would be miraculous curative palliative, requires the fact that we should show a wiser attitude, pragmatically and of waiting for a certain time as well, wishing that we should regain what seems forgotten, worn out and uncoded, programmed along centuries of civilization in “wiping, forgetting, and even ridiculous”.


6.                   The concept “Cybmerg” which develops the function of  “combining of the graf – fractal” functions and of helping the expressing of the boundless of the “emotionals”/emotionalities prematter to the “informational cognitive plurality”.


The organizatory concept of embryonic development (Ovocitary and post-ovocitary) generally vital, as a means of biological adaptation, named “the embryonic Coelomic modulation” – taken after birth as “neuro – energetical modulation combinatory infotronic – informational”. The    function   of       neuro - dynamical     energetical    modulator   in   the  combinatory   variability of medialis ( the emotionals – Graf  Fractals (7) .


7.                    Art nr>1>>

The energetical modulation, the energetical combinatory dynamical neuro – modulation ,holistic is in fact, “an energetical Coelomic modulation” which wakes up the energetical dynamical impulses in all the Coelomic sectors, being in various stages of  development on the route of the embryogenesis, initially, in continuity, directly, simultaneously with the general and local development stages having the form of some medialis, vascular and lymphatic ties, but keeping lasting, durable and different (speculative) holistic interferences with a totally different characteristic, feature of the route of the organic segmentation  and of the distance from the source within the development and scattered, spread lengthening, by the embryogenesis and the development after birth.


The energetical neuromodulation or Coelomic body as neuromodulation as well, is a category of preventive (modulation and initial modulation by early the degree of embryogenetic birth) coming into being simultaneously with the birth of the coelomic body  and its predecessor “Archenterons”, but also by the ordinary mechanism, which gives mainly and by definition a waking up of the adaptability activity by the negotiating and combining the vascular congestive aspect of development with the aspect of the energetical dynamics “variable” –  aspect prodigious combinatory variability, during the first stages of development, strengthened later by the achievement of the adaptation of the most difficult initial impulses of evolution and the pathology and their correction and improving. 


The energetical dynamical neuromodulation will always benefit by strong vital energy released by the physiology of the developing organs (1) on the grounds of the vital growing necessities for adaptation (2); as later, when the initial adaptation energies (initial and later), untimely achieves the response to the pathology resulted  response as a  consequence of the pathology development (3), but differently and of the results issued by the accumulation of the adapting necessities simultaneously with the subsequent changes resulted from the untimely,future physiopathological evolution(4)lingering, being, in fact,an interactive result .


 As a matter of fact, this way of tackling this question is not surprisingly because the Coelomic body and the Archenterons (the primeval intestine, the first coelomic development which is associated with a symbol of precise function of the primeval stomach and of the whole primeval alimentary canal, the shadow of the coelomic pattern, changed with the astonishing energy of passion (emotionals/emotionalities/Calcan/ of achievement) of the achievement of the whole physiological function – nourishment – digestion / life …. Its poerful main energy of the inner stomach cover “the meeting – pot of the orderly birth of the embrionic plane”.


We are passing a remark to mention that * the author considers “the Archenteron” as the first endocrine syncitial energetical gland and the combinatory variability of Graf  medialis/medietaties (Pytagora) function – fractal or holistic, the essential gland depending on the embryonic sketch of the Cybmerg – the energetical brain – non physical – the energetical driver – conductor, already at its duty, the amplifier and the monitor of ovocitary – embryonic impulses of which function trunk graf – fractal is much earlier to the first Telencephalic cerebral sketch, simply for the phylogenetic syncitial – tissual, which assures that any mass organized cellular-tissue agregation, from former philogenetic stages has an energetical organizer – sketch but a true Cybmerg as a cyclic energetical function, with ordering of route – using opporunity of the signal route – quantifying the quality and the quantity of the enrergy, and of the emotionals – born by command, function and route, wihed or rejected (unaccepted only)…. And making the energetical correction of source, by engagemant – anticipation and plurality of the energetical values of these “correcting emotionals”, real tactile antennas of connections and adaptation, of minor, minimum energetical consumption for functioning.


The embrionary Cybmerg (like that of the grown up function) is an economical complex aggregate of energetical driving” using energies of loe power sufficiently for its function, sufficientrly for assuring/maintaining the great combinatory variabylity of response and totally satisfactory in the most unfavorable circumsatnces, sufficiently for assuring the checking up, the permanently maintaining, recovering and and returing/recurrence to the outcome/result or to the leaving / the totally wiping away (death) .


The energetical function of the cybmerg its simple functionally, mainly physically and non – matter, the order of route graf – trunk fractal; its energetical dynamics “flaring….” permanently and strong by conditioned, like the assurance of the assistence, collaboration secretion of “the emotionals” (cvasi – permanent emotionals – as giving birth elements out of the energetical dynamics, enrgetical and present pre – matter, summing up but via medialis/medietatis (Phytagora), functional aspects of the “logos” birth (the emotionals/emotionalities being the first vehicle of the language and the pre-matter form, giving birth to forms, numbers, thoughts and ideas.

……….. and now we are coming back to the perviuos paragraph,prevoius to the    remark.  


   ART2. The coelomic organ and the archenteron, the primeral intestine, its strong main power of the inner stomach cover, the melting pot of the ordered birth of the embrionary plane as the order of the route in the tissual detailed development, its strong spatial and temporary directionand it is born and development maintened at the level of the coelomic body by the coelomic body itself and by certain organizing centres, which contribute to the maintaining and development of its functions, coelomic body organizing the first site and the functioning of the centres, theyr details are, of course, energetically, but the modality of taking part in the events’ evolution, is certainly a proper fact, which belong to the energetical dynamical neuromodulation (holistic) by the combinatory variability.


                The coelomic body, the mesoderm – the mesodermic foil, the mesenchim developed subsequently, passes and transfer between them the development planes and they transmite them step by step to the various forms of expressing of th ecoordinating centres, being under variants of the organizing centres, making in time and embryogenesis the initial stage of the primeral organizing centres, but in fact, self organizers, Then the stage of the numerous centres of organizing the early development in evolution and differentiation, centres – peculiar in activity, the centres of ties and development or definetively which are “mixed pregrammers” of the development of some organs, tissues (1), and of the atrophing and stopping of the others’ development (2). 


                Those reister, record the data / dates of  the mendelian creation and holistic ones, having a great care to keep permanently the holistic data/dates entirely, as if a great amount of them had had the right to a final – total development …. And it hadn’t happened this way and whole variants of development and evolution were cancelled and the morphology followed a way, nearly unique, according to the individual evolution as species, everywhere, in addition, the holisticism, the function of neuromodulation of the energetical dynamics, “the function of quarantor holisticism, enrolled in the holisticism genesis, it remains functional,  ready for development”,”the holistic luggage” of combinatory variability remains functonally “global / total” at every time.




                         Art   3..


 The  emotionals   -   the emotion( the physic rezultant ).

             The emotionals = concept that defines the activity of the biological energetical variability ( combinatory of medialis Graf trunk Fractal ) under the form of a creational resultant and defining/characteristic for the “complex of  consciousness and whose total functionality takes  variores aspects on a large scale :                                                                                                      

·         from the function of modality of expression of the activity of connection and cooperation in”adaptation being adaptive an the grounds of the ordered cyclic route(compulsory ) of the energetical dynamics  Graf trunk Fractal (1) ,

·         within the function of the complementary conection in pre-matter definition accompanying with various forms of the same status, degree pre-matter : the status – the numerical “locus” ,the spatial “locus” and the“temporal  locus “,with which it takes part in the physical matter defining , by the matter creation (2),

·               within the function of the “total parameter  and integral parameter , the informational function including as any Fractal , the informational complex from the common Fractal, to which there is added the function,equally in importance , of the Graf trunk with in fact shows the implying of a compulsary and determined energetical dynamics and of an energetical circulation, in a certain quantization qualitatively and quantitatively and not without any importance the magnitude of the informational comprehension ( the adequate informational richness ) is borne, marked , encoded by mixtures and energetical whirpools, by the route bends, by the kind of the energy wich meets the dynamics at a given point , the kind of the  informatiobn and yhe kind of the energetical route keeps,(characterizes) and drives the information , simultaneously at thousands of points , mainly establishing in a temporal order and in the space of relationship (similarity) and of sequence (3-4) .


    The lacked  lack between the Fractal form and the energetical whirpool of the moment of the route (with the speed, direction, the meeting energy, the route bend and their influences ) are enough to establish the information definitely and to make up the matter(material)–forms (4) or“lacking” theFractal form with the energetical characteristics give birth, commence and keep the information totally and for ever and a day !   


             The Fractal compound element is made , finally , by the framings , carvings of the energetical whirpools “like the gold polished by the precious stones“(they themselves being archaic symbols of the energetical vibrations,  like the up to date crystals ), aspect ignored totally by the modern culture , which for a  whole millenium has ween using only the completed form of the  craft and the”gorgeous decorative wat “ of the odd, exotic ,artistic “ .                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

·        within the function of total-integral keeping of the form and meaning of the term informational, for ever under the pre-matter – matter(material) aspect of function “ the emotionals “(4) and only with this definition, as being a concept –abstract and summing up belonging to “entity of consciousness”, superior by its depth and functions , the mental concept known as various terms as , conscious –subconscious – unconscious , knowledge, mental cognitive aspects and pshychical familiar in definition , enrolling and the route of the common mental functions, physiological (the to the function “ of the”emotionals”which declines only the adjectival aspect “belonging” whitout the  luggage of “knowledge”, as “in Pythagora’s incorporals” by which there was probably the same thing is not similar to inbodily organs “               …………

            The “Emotionals-Emotionalities(Calcan) “ are a pre- matter abstractness derived from  born from the energetical dynamics which carries the message of consciousness self – consciousness resultated / resultant required by the “informational” phenomen .

               There are results coming from the resonance essemble of the clean medialis,  undisturbed which are expressed by the mental (information receiver) as some permutable games producing signs of cognition and recognition. The collocatiobn cognition-recognition ,like a  “ deja – vu, sans motif est une emotion “ , is generated/produced by astonishment /surprise .

                The cognition –recognition is a pre – identification and an identification even an identification with the emotion “ it is the reverberation of the image of identity , on which there is based on the “moment of pre- identification ; it is  the arrival of the consciousness which sums up the vibration , the  vibrations (the medialis) and comes out to identification, at the moment of selfvaluation” ,        

                 It is an emotional , it is a physical and informational synthesis of the  self-valuation of pre- identilu ,and it becomes part of the identification consciousness –within the game,the variability of the concept “cognition –precognition”.

         Each amount , harmonies of vibrations ,groups have given birth, , have given rebirth by bringing up “summing “ in the emotionals

                 The emotion , the emotionals are the former summing up of the  harmonized vibrations or they are not,by medialis,born by the formation, the informational birth,to the ratio matter(material) – energy…. from the coming out , the pre- matter coming into being , of the energetical endowments which make up the matter .


                Be an element of affirmation of “cognoscibility”, be  the mental modality to receive, be a variable of  “consciousness entity “ it is essential to be independent , on an abstract frame , supra –motivating and even delirious(oniric), raving characteristic included in the  non-cognoscibility,a symbolical non–matter(material) identity , cohabiting from the harmony - comprehending and summing up of the energetical vibrational side- informational – a synthesis  of the bundle of vibrations summed up and expressed with a certain and common reason………


                It is as if the “Lictors’ fascis “ and “Jupiter ‘s bundle of lightning wished to remind the  essence of the  emotionals for ever shoving tutorial threat , but the sumbol of the energetical informational resultant , “the  mankind’s birth “    


                It is superisingly that we are , as mental and psychic receivers , at the junction of reunion of the physical and energetical , of matter , “the emotionals”  with “the informational extendet and comprehensive” .We are sensitive in the above mentioned planes , at the points of the maximum of the energetical vibrations above mentioned , that the moment of their expressing ( of the emotionals ) is possible simultaneously with the passing moment , of the  passing start along the route from the pre-matter to matter (material), and where is the moment of exteriorizing by “Logos” assigned / settled down?








 title in extenso “ : the emotionals “ (Calcan ) –emotional –medialis – concept/ physical principle of the energetical dynamics( holisticism) as a means of expressing enrolled in the energetical , matter and biological. the relevance/ emphasize of the category of “emotionals” with an information substratum as directly beloging to the consciousness entities ( from which they derive themselves) , similar forms( but not identical) of the psycho-mental processes of the “cognition “, consciousness or of the character valuations “programmed “ by the zodiacal signs .the Calosso-Pineal endocrine gland ,maker combinator ,container and secretor of medialis ,emotionals , directly or mediately secretion by the its compound of chemical mediators “stimulated “ by “energetical scintillation “ .


            The “emotionals –medietaties ( medialis) –are the resultants of the energetical dynamics as organized forms of connex combinatory variabilities graf fractals with a powerful information charge joined at “bounds / landmarks “ and /or  joinid to the order of route , reached at the expressing / expression summing up by the  powerful energetic charge, the great circulation speed , the great information charge gathered ( gathered – caught ) , found in a tension state, with the  need of regularizing by the  emotionals  expressing and  the energetical order , by coming out from the disspation state or  “catastrophic “ state ( R. Thom )

            they are known since the ancient times as  “the families of medietatis( medialis )” or  “bodily organs “ (incorporalele’s),according to pythagora and his school/ disciples ) and can be cosidered as expressions of the “consciousness”  entities “ by their operative  mental character and of their psycho-mental resultant, at the sublimity value /strength ,covering a consciousness mood or not (of the biological aspect differently developed or….of non-biological aspect )

            “the emotionals” are in the energetical dynamic forms of energetical variability organized in “families of medialis”- medietatis  ( Pythagora )   with   pre –matter  or matter  appearance, as fallows :

– only pre - matter  appearance when being “information  summung up”  require  “matter expression “ as a  resultant of the recombining , between the physical phenomenon of the energetical dynamic in the medialis-medietatis families /  combinatory variabilities (1) , with the  order  /  arrangement along the route,   fractal  graf  trunk ( 2 )  and the  essential information “organizing “ ( given / existing ) at  the  time sequential moment(3) ,

under the form of certain patterns resulted from the association of the arranged energy with the information destined to the discharge ( mayble explosive )

these patterns which are different forms of “ emotionals” ,in certain circumstances , even  “the  “ emotionals “ essential(primordials) ( or something alike , which can make up reactivities and similar reactions ) can be considered as samples of the  entity of consciousness “.

            “ the consciousness  entities “ bering those forms of the energetical dynamics strongly  circumscribed (outlined )as  information  gropups which gained ( by the right of  being grouped – rejoined as characteristics of  consciousness ), the status of  proper mental “organizers” and pre –matter , ( can cerebral , mental support /base  ) .

             they be considered ideas, passions ,manifestations –coherent and characterial expressing (showing types of behaviour and resultants of the  behaviour, utlined in families) groups of behaviour ,even in zodiac signs ,as the  family  of chinesis “trigrame   fu xi’s “ ,the traditional families of gods (ancient ,etc ) as a result of a strong organization and  coherence in ideas” not secreted / relased by the mental ,but come into being virtually(?) ,as results non- matter   (and non-biological , unbiological, non-human ) ,

            by including it as an organized information pre-biological and pre-matter( information looping  …….. towards the  mental )  …..


            an energetical looping driven by the information towards   the   mental ( ! )  and  in which the “energy “ is the flying – craft , the coordination belongs to the information , which  sums  up and gather together into a unity the information and variabilities bundles , as flying –olanes , and the resultant of the reability keeping the  energy a with the information ,are the “emotionals “   a well  done pre- matter and come into being as a coordinate of the acrobatics ,a form of  “entity  of   consciousness”, 


 “the acrobatics champion “ ( the airplane ) a  different one from that one entered at the  beginning  ( “ initially information , at the  end /finally     emotional” )


        the information organization  borne by the families-medialis(medietatis) of the energetical dynamics or the result/resultant of the “consciousness” –a complex of emotionals  which support each other (almost virtually – hologrammic ) ,  as    pre –mental , with functions   similar  to the  mental,as a mental – brain resultant,….but which   is   not  produced  biologically  !


     “the   energetical  organization  (dynamics) + information    organization  = virtual  brain   product !, bring up  the emotions of consciousness a - matter , pre-matter , but ready at ony moment to be  matter , by tipping the energy towards matter .


       in  everyday  life of the biological developed or inner (of class or species ) the  energey is produced by the individual biological unity , the exterior towards the interior

       the information is usually in the greater part , resultated  suddenly  from the bounds (tops ) of  the  fractals  or of only one fractal )  summed up super – spatial on fractal family bends,  under the same “sigle “ of functional physiological energetuical code , from  a1 to d6 , organized , oriented by the route order of the   graf   trunk  (tree ) .


       This the two sources ( external and internal ) assures oriented functions  organized and capable of magnitudes of resources   suitable / proper   to  the   adaptations  !

        the  energetical form has a matter support ,but it can also work  without this organized  matter support (matter fractal ) by the  temporary usage ( or perioduical) of the  energetical  structures of  pre- matter fractals ( essential with the same functions ), but without biological , matter  support, but only under the form (aspect of energetical  entities resultated physically  form the  summing up  of the energetical dynamics and of  the resultants from the route –order of connex  graf trunk (tree) or cyclical  hamiltonian (  theoretically , and  certainly “ de facto “) .


       The  information driven ,, summed up , fixed by the energy ( and mainly by the energetical dynamics of which direction /sense contradiction of sign and  speed makes control powers ,of fixation ,  compulsory  any fractalic echelon as  sublimation functions minimum but efficiently, under the form releasing at a given moment changes ,even external, functions of  command –orientation of graf –route , such as the information is  voluntarily or obliged to be joined directly as carved into the medietatis / medialis – emotional of energetical variabilities,

        “bundles of information circuits   piled  up among the medialis / medietatis bundles “ which make up the ordinary emotionals or related as a sense /meaning , motivation and working ( the end of motivation and of structure “ )energetical medialis which are flows  or energetical whirpools joined to the matter fractals or the energetical schematized fractals “shades of energetical outline “ with a matter inflexibility made up by a  vigurous  flowing of the energetical pipe  of the edge between”bends – tops –landmarks´- pre matter energy with  matter properties gained by the proper game of the energetical dynamics speed! 


            to make easy the understanding of this topic ,we shall remake a very important description :

        the information fixed by the energy and driven by it , is brought and joined by the fractals on the edges having the tendency of summing up at any point, but witho remaining fixed(!) concentrating dynamically  on the graf route  on the  “bends – tops – landmarks “( of the fractal of the calosso- pineal  endocrin gland  ) , according to movements ordered or adjusted by the energetical regularization , in the current adaptation  .


           In pathology these processes calm down and reenter in a normal state, as  destination and speed on the route , after  numerous explosively emission of energetical discharges , so called “ discharge  scintillations – in the transformation”  sometimes real “catastrophic “ whirpools generated by the “failed attempts “ to  change the route of the graf –trunk (tree)  (internal ) or cyclical , hamiltonian .


       The joining can make the outline fractals energetical ( called schematized energetical )  of which outline strength , due to the rigidity by the  dynamics  peculiar flowing speed , gives temporary  restoring durability ( strength , up to the necessity cancel.


      Among the aspects (forms) produced by the energetical dynamics ,there is shown particularly the ordered engagement of the “harmonius” constructions made up by  “bundles of variabilities” real ranges of energetical intervales  and   discharges  continuously  with a pulsation character , rhythmed ,  considered by pythagora as perfectly illustrated by the musical harmony of the “lyre strains “, or by the hidden relation between the unities of the primary  numbers , the algebrical ecuation relation,the relation of the geometrical plane faces.


These “essemblies of related variabilities “ make the base of the concept of medialis/ (medietatis ) – Pythagora , “the  bodily organs”  ( “incorporalis “ )  - Pythagora “medialis / medietatis – emotionals “ , and  simply , directly   “the  emotionals “ (Calcan ) .



Thus ,these are energetical dynamical variabilities related to each other , with qualitative and quantitative aspect in  quantum , special , related and restricted, according to the principle of the essential selection, but sufficiently in expressing (strong and to the be recognized for selection ) according to the“bends”   and of  the order of the graf route .


These families of medialis ( medietatis ) bear/ carry information accumulations , common task of the variabilities of an energetical dynamics , but they are also belongings   to  certain  families , and of a certain rank within the family , therefore they have a  “ specificity “,   “peculiarity “ , traditionally mentioned be as the rank of deity or be zodiacal ,( to make easier the understanding  and reference to the permanently recognized quality as repre zentative for energetical patterns of bio logical individualization mainly ,but not only .)


The specificity shows a family related  pattern and of issue from the bearer( ! )  and for medialis / medietatis a diferent pattern of the making up odf the bends , of the energetical variabilities, after the start ( ! )  and after the settled down ( ! ) ,


 being  joined bound together to the fractal group and their route graf,which initiate  start and produce the energetical emissions   or even  from the external , arrangements   arrived  ( therefore , the site of  producing them ) , but similarly important  - the influencce of the graf route , with its  charges, or those which it induces  “onto  the general route , and of course , the getting pattern “ at the   “ bends , tops  -  landmarks “ of   the fractal position / sites.


The selecting at the landmarks and their compulsory mark /impression at “coming in and at the coming out “ assures the individuality to the type of medialis /medietatis  within  the family,  personal peculiarity of the accpted  mwedialis of “bend “ /landmark and of that which is to leave .


Thus we have the strength and the intrinsec belief to remain equal to us or to express ourselves biologically and  mentally according to a typical resultant , accepted by the others arround us ( ! )


from medialis , whith that peculiar typical information aggregate to the aspect of medialis/ medietatis -  emotionals the  information area is widened taking into account  the aspect of the information complex of “emotionals “ , the  emotionals being , in fact , information knowledge of large area and magnitudine resultated from “information  avalanche “ ( as normality , without a certain mental participation ) be of  enrolling on an abnormal state ( so called pressing / stressing (!?) ,or even of the domain of visceral pathology in which it reaches  magnitude of information  knowledge explosive (!) uncommon quantification , development of energetical dynamics , as an essential aspect , whith  very high flow speed which can comprehend a larger information  knowledge – information bulk/ amount and even of  a distorted one explozive  distorted whirlpools , difficult to be  joined  together difficult to be  transported / carried, distorting the energetical values of the variabilities, after the formation distorting the medialis and requiring fast evacuations of excess / surpluss . 

       The second cause which enlarges the information avalanche is the beginning of the fractal  dematterialization ( energetically  sketched , by the “outline” ) , as of normal ones, by reaching the dangerous  threshold of explosive speed which gives birth to abnormal main powers  between the space meant to be taken occupied of matterialization  of the simple/normal and “circulation “ fractal ( occupied by energy of high speed , situation/ opportunity generating difficult local, general incompetence and producing,

       mainly the disordered growth or not of the information bulk by including or even exterpating of the matter  from  the fractals and its transformation into information energy ,

     aspect of ennobling in a certain way of the energy and its qualitative shifting to information energy  hoping to calm down / steady the conflict space – stimulated  energy.

      the appearance of the “emotionals” – with a great information character and simultaneously pre matter ( towards  the  similarity with the energy and the “essential emotionals” ) at the moment of the fractal dis – matterialization and the appearance of the speed of the energetical dynamics discharging,produces an information concentration  which  the human body  identify  simplistically and reducingly the emotion – emotional , actually the  energy magnitudes and information get similitudes of psycho – mental expression , in reality they being  “emotionals , variabilities  pre  - matter “