Chairman of congres neuroendocrinology bristol, september lightman,university of bristol,division of medicine,bristol royal infirmary,marlborough street,bristol bs2 8hw united kingdom.       

Dear  mr. Professor  stafford lightman,        



            i would be most obliged if you will take into consideration our submission to the 5th international congress of neuroendocrinology you will honoroubly preside, in bristol, sept.2002,u.k.

We are going to submit as soon as possible, paying all the necessary fees.    We’d like to be included  in the   poster - session as we will present  1 – 2  posters.

           we have already sent to professor dr. Colin ingram  a collection of abstracts presented by me at the latest congress and particularly, those abstracts that i intended to present at the congress held in bucharest  6 – 8 th  june  2002.                          

           i  managed to present them partially because of    the great amount of scientific abstracts delivered there.           You may choose one of the abstracts on „the hypophysis / pituitary gland  and  its  portal  system”.

            i’d like to submit with a poster on „graf fractals” – biological aspects and endocrine applications of the endocrine glands aspects of transductin and energetic  function within the energetic medicine which i have

Been  dealing  with  for more  than 10 years.

        i consider this abstract of a major importance        for the medicine of the future because it lays the explanatory basis for the development of certain physiological and physiopathological phenomena ignored from this point of view by physiology, transducer, besides the tradition secretory system (endocrine and enzymatic – molecular) thoroughly studied over the last decade,....

           embriologically, /embrionar/,particularly during  the first 35 days,...the transduction is taken over by  the energetic control exercited by vascular formations, predominantly venous, having functions similarly       to the portal general system and particularly hypophysian/ -pituitary  as  i’m  trying  to  demonstrate.


The abstract on the endocrine “graf.-time.-fractals.”And the function of the portal and early embrionary vascular system , (the first 3 embrionary months), “the functions of the embrionary blastulary and gastular visceral ovacitar and encephalic organizers,...   Borne by a system of vesicular–               logs – vascular primordial tubes and transducted subsequently to certain venous vascular areas with major energetic functions,... The terminal segment of   the portal vein, embrionary and adult, hepatic, the tremendeous portal hypophysis” – “pituitary”, portal system,....supertransducer,   energetic   and   modulator,                

           is due to the archetype – venous – portal – vascular functions, borne from the early archetype – philogenesis of the ichtio – sauriene vertebrates and of the nonvertebrate creatures, /cretaceores/ “cretacic age”,”lamellibranhiate-the cephalopodes”,/the molluscs/, the coelentera.

The vesicles, the coelomus, the amnionus    the embrionary,  philogenetical and ontogenetical organizers  borne by these,  embeded  in  the     vesicular and mural walls, vascular    (being either      lymphatic or venous, either ultimately arterials,        umbilical) ,....   

Produced the syncytium/syncytia  migration  of “the embrionary organizers majors/foremans”, and later, of the  adult( in the restoring functions, they carried out   the  body– building, the bios - evolution how   well  ?       it  is  us,  the  products   ? ).


The human beings, the animals which surround     us, their genetic resistence, are the real witnesses that the work was well done and we are obliged to give thousands of thanks to these organizers and to those organizers borne inside the early embrionary cavities (!) .

I’d like to ask for apologizing my having written this letter in such a manner, but i was in a hurry. To be always in a hurry is due to my system of thinking and ideas expressing.


             lots of thanks,

Yours sincerely,

I’ll contact you.


Dr.  Cristian   Calcan,  dr.   Mariana   Calcan     

Adress: buzau.51oo, 26 crisan street, romania.

          “new endocrinology research private center,                           

            Buzau,Romania”,   or “research centre of energetical     

            informational neuroendocrine medicine”do hishiryo xin”

            phone    40.  0238. 715778   fax  + 40.  0238.715.778                

           e-mail :                                                                       

Title:“Energetical Anatomical Portal  The Plan System”,the most thoroughly accomplishedly   building in  the biological evolution.The portal venous-system,“informational embrionary care”of venous vitellin circulator system.

 The embrionary structures a Port Pituitary body sistem at  embrionary 6 months,the micro-structures, the Energetical Portal Accelerator system,”onto phylogenetic” anatomical,functional and energetical semnifications.Graf-fractal within the endocrine physiology, emotionalities-in.coaglutinabilities as’energetical dynamic linkers’ functionals,constructivs”.

Calcan C.Calcan M, ”New Endocrinology” Research Center, Buzau, Romania


“Graf.-tempor/ time.-fractal”, and “the informational  pathway–energetics”, known as makers, producers,buildersof medietaties cognitive informational synthethis, nominated by:modulated ,all of them, altogether, materialized in forms and anatomical structures biologically,    physiologically functions, adaptive sublayers and of neuro –modulatory transduction, secretory - endocrine modulators, coelomics, biolgically organizers vitellin,with  pre- enzimatic, enzimatic  ancient, archaic substituants onto-phylogenetic,(the biological axioma:”in activing for Grafs - Fractals routes,the energetic quantum = the archaic enzyme is.”).


The  steady  patterns  of  the “graf-fractal”,of  endocrine functions:

1./“the pineal calosso gland”-secretory of ”emotionalities”.

2./“the Pituitary gland”- energetic accelerator of command and physiological adaptation,by the distributive function of the anatomical and locus changes of the individual  portal  system ,  

 3./ “D.n.e.s. Feyrter systems”, ancient/ archaic endocrine    syncytial, the  former   tissue    bulks, with Functions of celular embrionary growth organizers (or  of tissue  areas  migrations),  and subsegmently or concomitently,functioning as primitive, elementary  endocrine glands, Phylogenetical (former energetical,afterwards secretory), as the two crossways-main“stems”are of  the  hepatic portal system: the final emergence of the superior mezenteric vein, (stem1), that of the splenic vein  and   the   inferior   mezenteric  vein, (stem2),of the reunion of the splenic “stem” (3) , these “reference cognition ensembles”,continue  “the phylogenetic”,functions of “the large vitelline nutritive vascular  trunks,  and umbilicalo-alantoidiene”,which are perpetu ating during  the  “Embrionary Stage”, by precisely variants:Circulatory: (1)-in flow ,in nourishment,in oxygenation,   -but particularly by the subtle game of the locations,rotations, inclusion,(2) : by  atrophy, by the syncytial-tissular consuming or  invadingly by herniated  and  by  venous - arterial function reversal (3) : of blood – composition , or by the tunica cap-aspect  of proportion in the oxygenating , of cessation in the sinusoidale stagnation   in the ray of two neighbouring  capilary  nets,  self -making  up ,aspects  by  which we recognize the algorythm   of the known vascular-venous portal systems: hepatic  and  pituitary  gland.


The early embrionary venous functional preponderence in double vitellin and umbilical circuits, assures (tunicial) canaliculary tubes of nutritive, nourishment, transport (1),vitellinly  or placentarily stored, carrier of oxigenated  blood(2) , coexisting together with “the mural venous seal”(!!!)(3).


....which ancient,primeval, .....held the   idiosyncrasy of   the control, transmission, modulary and  even  easy  endocrine  energetic function(5),....and the command control of the porte buildinglicence(6),of vascular - flooding syncytialiti/ syncytia (7), interpenetrated by the sinusoidal - capilary stagement requirement(8),.... And which carries out the concomitentes / accompanying sense function(9),.... 

          Of a  pre – sinusoidal capilarity network ,actually, connected by the obstenancily promotion, of a some sinusoidal lake(10),....

        followed terminally by a newly recapilarity whithin  the  venous – arterial  area  (11) ....


 *      this  tremendeous  care  for  a  strongly        diversified flooding, holder  bearers of great modulatory energetics valences, according to the  large    receivers  network  of  variability in the energetical     dynamics ,  laid  aut  intramural(12),.....


*        provided  special qualities of adaptability for   the “early bios”,. .....     Subsequently there appeared  the central  neuro – modular   and    endocrine  system    as well , .... 

*   but “the initial pattern”,...... Was of the vesicualr nourshing system (I) , vitellin or coelomic  ....

          and of “the primeval intestine” multidependent on viscerally functionally associated coordinated by the local   angiogenesis (II) ,....

     and by the chorionic-villus and syncytio-trophoblastics  begining  (III),..... (the parallelism  with  the  late  hepatocitic ).


*    there is the time and opportunity to make/up/ publicty  known  a  aphorism / saying /  about  vesicles :


          “the vesicles are great embrionary ordinators of energetical dynamics ” and hold on this quality of energetical modulatory transduction,....  In all the structures derivated subsequently, holding on the transduction was of the trunks „the flooding vascular   stems”,the anatomical beginning,(early embrionary.),   

         and which proves, demonstrates the forms make domain, by the “graf – fractals”    vesicle – cavitary innitially, „grafs. -tempor/time. - fractals.”


 As being “important  temporary   informational”  sources :


*      the coelom, the vitellin, the amnion, the      alantoid, the Rathke, Sessel, branchial bags, the encephalic ventricle, the primeval intestine cavity,                through the pharynx - stomodeum, the stomach, the duodenum, pre-portal rotated, round, the middle intestine with an intestinal  vitellin, rotatal(herniated),...


*     exemplifies  the contaminating - mechanism  tissular coelomic energetical, of vitellin and umbilical cord, contamin by whitch the message of some intra-cavity early – embrionary  vascular  arcas, ( inseminated by the joining  celomic  and   vitellin,  of 2–8 weeks ) ....


*        “do  not  transmit traditonal genetically”,....        But particularly, by the informational pattern, vascular display  (of the selective portal pattern ), traditionally energetic vitellin (as the duodenal rotates conjunction can be noticed, of the intestine issues, vitellin medium ,....


With the fate/destiny of the branches receved from the right vitellin vein,  giving birth to certain hepatic sinusoids / v.v. Intra-hepatic, the portal vein,the terminal parts of junction from the superior mesenteric vein, and of inferior mezenteric vein , according to the contaminating energetical embrionary  organizers / organisation structure  system). 

 *    each cavity carries the messages of the        migrating tissular beaches, areas, intensely filovascular,   with  the  vesical  origin  (mezodermic) and by      the    energetic   functional   essence : 


*   “the primeval impulses giving birth with energetical transmission,of  portal  system, building”:


      nourshing/1/, essential / primordial oxygenating/2/ , versatile stagnated/3/, flow regulator/4/, accumulations of matter/5/, of arterial blending  (with the back  of the arterial building/6/ ), the pulsate contraction  (with  artesian effect/7/ ), of sinusoid locus activity/8/  ; of liquid change*, of pre - efector endocrine  secretory*, of multiplicative, inversable dichotomic effect   of capillarity – recapillarity/9/, of....


*        vade–mecum functions/10/ of the chorionic villus early times,  from  which  vascular/I/,  lacunar/II/,     syncytio – trophoblastic /III/ ,.....  Allow the nidation growth and development, of gastrulation, and of   some   other   stages   of   later   development.


*       “miming imperceptibly real and great antecedent”     of some intestine primeval functions belonging to the non–vertebrates(the lamellibranhiate and cephalopodes,(Alesya specious) mollusc clase – cretacic age - and his incipient functional portal system,    (in alliance) the unique (nonvertebrate),...


In premiere ,”kidney - portal system”...and to the ichtiosaurian  vertebrates                                                           (dependently for a long time, on the vitellin stocks),                                                    the vascular primeval  venous– arterial circulatory    systems,       especially    vitellin  and  portal, ....                                          

 *       using  the  informational   care  (!!!)  Of  the    “graf.  - tempor/(time)-fractals.” Of early embrionary circulating   


For ICE Lisbon 2004

To be continued