The Early Embriogenetical Arrange through the necessity of cause -  the “Motivation of Growth Impulse” (first reason) and the way of “Functional Impulse” (second reason), regarding the Genetic and Embryology, “The Ancestral Filogenetical Embryogenesis (example: Sauropsides) Compared Embryology.//

Authors: Dr. Cristian Calcan, Dr. Mariana Calcan – NEW ENDOCRINOLOGY”, RESEARCH , CENTER,BUZAU,ROMANIA ; http://newendocrinology.buzau.ro  ; MAIL:calcan@buzau.ro

 Summary: “Both Reasons of Irrigation (in principal) prevailing, “Position of Growth”(regarding the local and positional character), the center of sanguine irrigation of “Nutrition and Opening”, for “Cephalic Scheme”(Prosencephalic), which must be expand and partially mielnized sooner(!), especially the one Diencephalic and Limbic, the same as in Center of sanguine Abdominal Aria, for the realizing of an Distributive irrigation, an especially Energetically(energy QI, medietaties),Visceral much more important, the most important(!).


And in perspective there is the realization of “Nutritional Excellency”, from the Vitellus and for a long time (!) (The maximum importance) and for the large visceral variety of growth (maximal expand on the coelom threshold)…


Important: as a diversification of Hierarchical, (The Primordial of an Expand Function and a Positional Rotation, the Multiple Migration and Varied)…

.Motivated by the varied space of occupation (for occupant), of fragmentation of time of expand Hierarchical Cadence (!). Functioning time, rapid, ultra rapid, later, of Functioning Volume, huge, fast or soft…


The repartition from the aria and the situation of the exhibit grade : at Maximum Point of Risk and the Direction, the Consequences of Attack Direction(100%), Written in functional code of attack risk, the Genetic Holistic Code Manner-Non Mendelian), a tisular zone expose to the maximum risk to young and adult animal.


The pancreas is an energetical unic body with neuromodulation complex function like the thyroid, which is considered as a first hand in constituent with the “Calosso-pineal  endocrin gland “, because there is a strong Motivation.


1.A Rich Energetically Aria which allows a Holistic Function of local general, Adaptation and it is influenced through the Energetical-Modulation Leaded, Microzonale which is addressed corporeal through the inflection of the main viscers, like the thyroidal Aries in a simultanian, complete lead, energetically lead, cvasi instantaneous and prepared, Holistic Preventive Computerized,Instinctiv- premonition in a Fisiological - Fisiopathological Answer a Holistic Energetical Dynamic  as the changes of aggression , illness.


There is the place where the self - organizer complex tradition is answering near the celiac plex and the Portal Vein , in the Middle Digest Vital Function where the concept of neighborhood - crossing holistic it will have maximum of dimension , using the Cardinal Sanguine Connection (as orientation) but the Neighborhood (proximate or not) of Lymphatic, Nervous, Visceral Connection (“of  Neighborhood  Modulation, Holistic  Energatical  Dynamic”).

The Mistake Function draws attention of a Modulation - Variety, neuro - modulare - holistic, which realized a Special Modulation , Influential   of  Modular - Way, using in a similar way a Cvasi - Syncytial Ancestral Modular, from embryogenesis to the fetal growth (towards three moth),   realizing an expand of the Organisatoric Center (organisatoric centers , as receptors , from the specialized organizer with an explotation of variability , of sign).


With the Holistically Embryogenesis Force, the Force of Motivation, the Force of Construction and reproduce… and where the expression, the effect of Holistic Concept prevail in front of chemistry-modular concept, endocrine, secretor, the speed of energetically ambalation, explosive “cruel barbarian”.


1.On other way, in the embryogenesis of first trimester (until three month), there is the place where “caput vitelinii” and of ombilical - alantoidian duct…  they name the place of a new thyroid, a new prosencefalic future (?).


At the end of the ombilical duct and the ombilical veins, the vitelin duct the carrier of vitelin veins, when the morphology and encephalic, thyroidal function… they aren’t complete, they are dependent of embryogenesis, as the Endocrine Pancreas/Holistic.


Here the “Coelomic Function” arrives straight in the celom of ombilical duct (taken by the vitelin duct); the self - organizer function through the Pancreatic Distribution; the circulatory and nutritional function “apud vesicii ombilicalis”, ombilical  vein  and  vitelin duct , all these  are functioning  filogenetically…

The Sauropsides benefit (has benefit) of a Real Special Nutritional Function, which sudden request in primary embrionary stage (without any Morphology Completely  Developed? ),  a  sudden  secretors install …


An Insulinic Secretors Function is near the encephal (para / peri - Prosencefal medium/ancestral - intestine?)… temporary functioning (consumer/user direct nutrition and necessary when ontofilogenetic had an vitelinic arrangement    sudden and for a long time towards the using the Medium stages Corporeal essential for these vertebrates and equal important as cephalic stage [ Filogenetical Vital Laws for the Sauropsides(!) ] )  “So   we   called   the   Pancreatic Organizer”.


The Pancreatic Organizer has subordinate the Pancreas, the Vascular System and the Neighborhood Syncytial Areas (peri - corporal, peri – vascular :venous Muretal, Apud …via Coelomic /Vesicular / Vitelinic the intra-ombilical duct, Portal System / Muretal Carrier, an Energetically Duct of  Receptor / Organizer / they are mess in formations/  novo or primitive ganglion / with a temporary function or stress – atrofiable ).


The Functional Symbiotic Similar the one of Stomodeum – faringe -prosencefalic (in the sky stage) is naming the normal morphological    ascendance  and  the  one  from  Myth  and  Sacred  ( which are both of us ) .


The Holistic Facts of a Holistic Genesis through the Organizer Center Function and Morphological Regulatory  Function and the Imuability Holistic Function, here they are viewed: Migration of a tissular island, General Removing of torso, pleat, annexing, melting, atrophying intromission, flooding through morphological disappearance partial completely ‘in suis Holisticus’ - In Holistic’s World Laws which is keeping the Function.


Considering the holistic concept we can suspect how it has born the Endocrine Pancreas, how the cells was combinated in order to form Langerhans’ Island. These with millions of years in the past - at Sauropsides were connected with the coelom ombilical duct , splanchno  pleural .


We questioning in the Holistic Way : really the Ombilical Vein Walls was wearing the Sycytial Bud , the Ancestral Vein Muretal Bud. They was carrying    the Holistic Coelomic Message extra - and intraembrionary, which they arrived at    the Celiac - Pancreatic Crossing of the Medium Pseudo - Prosencefal Intestinal the same as the Tutelary Crossing (?)- Similar (?) - Prosencefalo - Stomodeo -Faringian.


In the same way they are functioning to the other proximity: Prosencefalo - Olfactivo - Optic Cephalic, the other proximity is functioning as a center  self - organizer ‘A’ grade the same as the one alantoido - vitelino - ombilical (‘A’ grade).


Treating the Expand we are sustaining the Neuro – Holistic - Calosso -      Pineal endocrin gland, Migratory, from the center self - organizer faringian -stomodeum (‘A’ grade), holistic responsible functional and morphological, probable mutant. Through the modification which are containing the branchial’s arch, we stabilized the Morphology of Thyroid Hypophisis and Epiphysis or    later of the Aortic Vascular Arch Artery’s Branchial Arches and of the Interfragments , even  early  in  the  sixth  weeks  in  embryogenesis .



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