Cristian Calcan,Mariana Calcan “New Endocrino;ogy Medicine Sciences”Research Center, Buzau, ROMANIA,  


The embryo, the future child and its mother become a pair unified for always!”, a pattern of the persistence of the procreation continuity(!) and we arrive to this moment of amazing awareness ! :


The essential pair is that of the two entities which establish the biological union of the energetic harmonization of the one who is born to be born from a Virgin-Woman, a Procreator !...


 About pregnancy finalized as the aspect of the union between the male embryo and the virgin, who has become its mother bound by the biological fact of the procreation experience, the law of the universe, the Law of the one who grows inside the belly that hosts it!, and it is born to be born !,....


 A mother from a virgin! working for her change and its growth ! “PREGNANCY“:


one at least, ..One inside the other!” for such a long… long time!, … almost a lifetime, ... as an embryo, ... translated to the life of a fetus, … and followed by a set of translations of the Set of chapters of life, of ages : child, ...adolescent, ... young person, ... adult, ... old person !


 I wonder what is left from the initial bond?,… a great deal ! ( the viscerus as well as the vegetal does not forget anything,it is honest,true and non – opportunist !,...


..The actual world suffers from the extinction of the visceral vegetal !)....


A life ... bound !, A life spent in a commitment !,unequaled in its simplicity and consent !,... unequaled in all  tissue – carnal transformations, except by comparison :


 ... “The relation with the huge nature of the virgin forests ! ... a nature ... from nature … natural … of nature ! Pregnancy : natural, … of nature ! alive and divine ! and only its information and self-devouring mental energy (…mental and abstract) leads decisively and by itself, incredibly sensitively sensed and calculated, without any marks or mental neuronal records modulated from the encephalic and physiological visceral endocrine point of view!... a subliminal tunnel of knowledge ! or a grotto of cognition!, empty and full!, but nevertheless full !


But not for us! (by mental cognition enclosing!), with use the Empty!, … with the self-constituted information her Full, her reverse, or his!, (if we wish to personalize it, to embody – if we must! Almost of didactic, dialectic purpose ! For how long ?


.... For as long as two subassemblies, with own energies, accommodate instantly the pulsating energy emissions, will harmonize with one another !


    Interpenetration of blood*, of fluids* and tissues*, the interpenetration of energies starting even from the gate of their brain, and way before it !,



.... How long ago?



There is an aspect which becomes an ” Energetic Secret”, the moment of its initiation, the type of the starting cycle, or the requests of the initiator, (of embryonic, gonadal origin – Sex seeds, (common!) or the mental essences of the abstract information behavior, in order to understand that it is above us !, in the desire illustrated by the result !


And both of them, creations of the interpenetration between the mother and embryo with their singular, mandatory commandments, the goals to secure and keep ! For the finalization of the biological event in which they are involved and connected !


No similar situation seems to have been described in the biological science, concerning the ”Common Abstract Connection” of two living beings!, that would equal this communion whose dominant feature is not Eternity !, but only, the continuity of eternal persistence of the procreation ! ( illustrated by the often moments of common pregnancy in packs, or social groups,...


And still, she exists as a “Biological Ultimatum !“ addressed to the environment ! the eternal : ” The one who lives inside the one who hosts it ! ”,....


The one who grows and is born to be born!”, next to itself, it’s Procreator, … that it transforms and creates !, as a mother from a Virgin! The one who grows inside the one who hosts it !,.. The one who gives birth(a mother)in order for it to be born (!)… to give birth to itself … as a Son!


THEY BECOME A PAIR BOUND FOR ALWAYS!“ .... A pattern of the continuity persistence of the procreation!“and reaches this moment..of amazing awareness !:


“ The essential pair is that of the two entities who establish the biological union of the energetic  harmonization of the one who is born to be born from a Virgin-Mother, ... a procreator !


 This assertion, … almost a sophism, … does not revoke the biblical pair : “Adam and Eve“, who remain an axiom of belief, the embryo and its mother are similar stages in a way, but they have divergent senses, on other planes, they are daily biological senses and reminds us permanently maybe of one sense!... (  Adam and Eve are vivid knowledge and cannot be changed !) .


The only thing we can change is the knowledge of the grand aspect of the pregnancy, which turned from an ordinary phenomenon and subject to events or aversion!


Became relatively ignored, or easily ignorable by mocking its family budgetary aspect, or worse …. Of the super-population in continental diversity, or economic price! –banking taxation! Too mush disallowed easiness!


The unique cosmic pair is that of the woman and the embryo that hosts it in order to make it complete, preparing it and preparing herself to give birth to him !”,...


 The natural resonance of this event, used - made as an energetic complex, as an ordinary and mandatory use of this type of energetic behavior) and used-ensured-built-implemented as a need to realize the energetic complementary harmonies but accessible to the environment as truly blended and reunited harmonies.


They are the only true primordial aspects: unaffected by time, by the passage of the universal cosmic! … in the course of the world’s spring, flowing to seed … time, to exist, existing to marvel the existence…,...


.... flourishing the knowledge with as much as the space can hold…, “from the spring!“, … as large as the ocean ! … from up and down, of the beings, worlds, energies, stars, knowledge – information, existence !, … conception !, into its energetic dynamics!, organized, self-adherent and self-created!, … thus creating  the unified … “Creator”!