Cristian Calcan, Mariana Calcan “New Endocrinology” Research Center, Buzau, Romania (2001), or “ New Endocrinology Medicale Sciences ”, Research  Center, Buzau ,Romania(2004). 



 Title in extenso : “The emotionals” – “Emotionalities”(Calcan ) –medialis/ “Medietaties”(Pytagora) – Concept/ Physical Principle Of The Energetical Dynamics( Holisticism) as a means of expressing enrolled in the energetical , matter and biological.  The relevance/ emphasize of the category of “Emotionals” with an information substratum as directly beloging to the “Consciousness Entities” ( from which they derive themselves) , similar forms( but not identical)of The Psycho-Mental Processes Of The“Cognition “, Consciousness or of The Character Valuations “Programmed “by The Zodiacal Signs.


     The Calosso-Pineal Endocrine Gland or Pineal Way Endocrine Gland, maker combinator, container and secretor of medialis/Medietaties (Pytagora) ,emotionals / Emotionalities , directly or mediately Secretion by the its compound of chemical mediators “stimulated “ by “Energetical Scintillation “ .



     The “Emotionals – Medietaties ( Medialis) – are the Resultants of the Energetical Dynamics as organized Forms of Connex Combinatory Variabilities Graf Fractals with a Powerful Information Charge Joined at “Bounds / Landmarks “ and /or  joinid to the Order of Route , Reached at the Expressing / Expression summing up by the  Powerful Energetic Charge,The Great Circulation Speed ,The Great Information Charge Gathered ( gathered – Caught ) , Found in a Tension state, with the  Need of Regularizing by The  Emotionals  Expressing and  The Energetical Order ,by coming out from The Disspation State or “Catastrophic “State    ( Renee Thom ).


    They are known since the Ancient Times as“The Families of Medietatis” or  “Bodily Organs“(In.corporalele’s),According to Pythagora and His School / Disciples, and can be Cosidered as Expressions of The“Consciousness Entities“ by their Operative Mental Character and of their Psycho-Mental Resultant, at The Sublimity Value/Strength ,Covering a Consciousness Mood or not (of The Biological Aspect Differently Developed  or…. of  Non-Biological Aspect .


  “The Emotionals”- Emotionalities are in The Energetical Dynamic Forms of Energetical Variability organized in “Families of Medietaties ”-(Pythagora) with Pre – Matter  or Matter  Appearance, as fallows :


   - Only Pre – Matter  Appearance when being “Information  Summing Up”  require  “Matter Expression “ as a  Resultant of The Recombining , between The Physical Phenomenon of The Energetical Dynamic in The Medialis – Medietatis Families /  Combinatory Variabilities (1),


         - With the Order/Arrangement Along The Route,Fractal-GrafTrunk(2),


- And The  Essential Information“Organizing“(Given / Existing ) at The

     Time  Sequential Moment (3) ,...


Under the Form of certain Patterns resulted from the Association of the Arranged Energy with The Information Destined to The Discharge              ( mayble Explosive ).


   These Patterns which are Different Forms of “ Emotionals” ,in certain circumstances even The “Emotionals“ Essential,Primordials(or something alike,which can make up Reactivities and Similar Reactions) can be Considered as samples of The  Entity of Consciousness “.


    “The Consciousness  Entities“ bering Those Forms of The Energetical Dynamics Strongly Circumscribed(Outlined)as Information Gropups which Gained(by the right of being grouped – rejoined as Characteristics of  Consciousness ), The Status of Proper Mental “Organizers”and Pre–Matter,(can Cerebral , Mental Support /Base ).


    They be considered ideas, passions ,manifestations – coherent and characterial expressing (showing types of behaviour and resultants of the  behaviour, utlined in families) groups of behaviour ,even in Zodiac Signs, as the  Family  of Chinesis “Trigrame  Fu Xi’s “ ,The Traditional Families Of Gods (Ancient ,Etc.) as a Result of a Strong Organization and Coherence in Ideas”not Secreted / Relased by The Mental, but Come into Being Virtually(?),as Results Non – Matter (and Non – Biological , Unbiological, Non – Human ) ,


    By Including it as an Organized Information Pre-Biological and Pre-Matter( Information Looping... Towards The  Mental ) …


    An Energetical Looping Driven by The Information towards The   Mental (!) and  in which The “Energy “ is The Flying – Craft , The Coordination belongs to The Information , which  sums  up and gather together into a Unity The Information and Variabilities Bundles ,as Flying –Olanes,and The Resultant of The Reability Keeping The  Energy a with The Information ,are The “Emotionals “  a well  done Pre- Matter and come into being as a Coordinate of The Acrobatics ,a Form of  “Entity  of   Consciousness”, 


 “The Acrobatics Champion “ ( The Airplane ) a  different one from tyhat one entered at The Beginning (“Initially Information , at The  End /Finally   Emotional” ),


  The Information organization  borne by The Families-Medietaties of The Energetical Dynamics or The Result / Resultant of The “Consciousness” –a Complex of Emotionals  which Support each other (Almost Virtually – Hologrammic),As Pre –Mental ,with FunctionsSimilar  to The  Mental,as a Mental – Brain Resultant,..But whichcan not  Produced  Biologically is !

  “The   Energetical  Organization  (Dynamics) + Information  Organization  = Virtual  Brain   Product !, Bring up  The Emotions of Consciousness A - Matter , Pre-Matter , But ready at Ony Moment to be  Matter , by Tipping The Energy towards Matter .


   In  Everyday  Life of The Biological Developed or Inner (of Class or Species), The  Energey is Produced by The Individual Biological Unity , The Exterior Towards The Interior,

      The Information is usually in the greater Part , Resultated  Suddenly  from The Bounds (Tops) of The  Fractals or of Only One Fractal ) Summed up Super – Spatial on Fractal Family Bends, Under The Same “Sigle“of Functional Physiological Energetical Code , from  A1; B2; C3; C4; D5 to D6 , Organized , Oriented by The Route Order of The   Graf  Trunk (Tree) .


      This The Two Sources (External and Internal) Assures Oriented Functions  Organized and Capable of Magnitudes of Resources Suitable / Proper   to  The   Adaptations  !


The  Energetical Form Has a Matter Support ,But it can also Work  without    this Organized  Matter Support (Matter Fractal ) by The  Temporary Usage (or Periodical) of The  Energetical  Structures of  Pre- Matter Fractals ( Essential with The Same Functions ), But without Biological , Matter  Support, But only under The Form (Aspect  of Energetical  Entities Resultated Physically  Form The  Summing up  of The Energetical Dynamics and of The Resultants from The Route – Order of Connex  Graf Trunk (Tree) or Cyclical  Hamiltonian (  theoretically , and  Certainly “De Facto“) .


      The  Information Driven , summed up , fixed by The Energy  ( and Mainly by The Energetical Dynamics of which Direction / Sense Contradiction of Sign and  Speed Makes Control Powers ,of Fixation , Compulsory  any Fractalic Echelon as  Sublimation Functions Minimum but Efficiently,Under The Form Releasing at a given Moment Changes , even External, Functions of  Command – Orientation of GRAF – ROUTE, Such as The Information is  Voluntarily or Obliged to be Joined Directly as Carved into The Medietaties /– Emotional -The Emotionalities of Energetical Variabilities,


       “Bundles of Information Circuits   Piled  up among The Medialis / Medietaties Bundles “which Make up The Ordinary Emotionals or Related as a Sense / Meaning , Motivation and Working (The End of Motivation and of Structure ) Energetical Medialis which are Flows  or Energetical Whirpools Joined to The Matter Fractals or The Energetical Schematized Fractals “ Shades of Energetical Outline “ with a Matter Inflexibility Made up by a  Vigurous  Flowing of The Energetical Pipe  of The Edge Between”Bends–Tops–Landmarks” – Pre-Matter Energy with  Matter Properties gained by The Proper Game of The Energetical Dynamics Speed !     ***    This Abstract :ABS-6682-00461 , the Poster P749