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The  Emotionales / Emotionalities - The Emotion( The Physic Rezultant ).       



             The emotionals = concept that defines the activity of the biological energetical variability ( combinatory of medialis Graf trunk Fractal ) under the form of a creational resultant and defining/characteristic for the “complex of  consciousness and whose total functionality takes  variores aspects on a large scale :


·        From the function of modality of expression of the activity of connection and cooperation in”adaptation being adaptive an the grounds of the ordered cyclic route ( compulsory ) of the energetical dynamics Graf trunk Fractal (1) ,


·        Within the function of the complementary conection in pre-matter definition accompanying with various forms of the same status, degree pre-matter : the status – the numerical “locus” ,the spatial “locus” and the“temporal  locus “,       with which it takes part in the physical matter defining , by the matter creation (2),

·        Within the function of the “total parameter  and integral parameter , the informational function including as any Fractal , the informational complex from the common Fractal, to which there is added the function,equally in importance , of the Graf trunk with in fact shows the implying of a compulsary and determined energetical dynamics and of an energetical circulation, in a certain quantization qualitatively and quantitatively and not without any importance the magnitude of the informational comprehension ( the adequate informational richness ) is borne, marked , encoded by mixtures and energetical whirpools, by the route bends, by the kind of the energy wich meets the dynamics at a given point , the kind of the  informatiobn and yhe kind of the energetical route keeps,(characterizes) and drives the information , simultaneously at thousands of points , mainly establishing in a temporal order and in the space of relationship (similarity) and of sequence (3-4) .


          The lacked  lack between the Fractal form and the energetical whirpool of the moment of the route (with the speed, direction, the meeting energy, the route bend and their influences ) are enough to establish the information definitely and to make up the matter(material)–forms (4) or“lacking” theFractal form with the energetical characteristics give birth, commence and keep the information totally and for ever and a day !       


             The Fractal compound element is made , finally , by the framings , carvings of the energetical whirpools “like the gold polished by the precious stones“(they themselves being archaic symbols of the energetical vibrations,  like the up to date crystals ), aspect ignored totally by the modern culture , which for a  whole millenium has ween using only the completed form of the  craft and the”gorgeous decorative wat “ of the odd, exotic ,artistic “ .                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


·        Within the function of total-integral keeping of the form and meaning of the term informational, for ever under the pre-matter – matter(material) aspect of function “ the emotionals “(4) and only with this definition, as being a concept –abstract and summing up belonging to “entity of consciousness”, superior by its depth and functions , the mental concept known as various terms as , conscious –subconscious – unconscious , knowledge, mental cognitive aspects and pshychical familiar in definition , enrolling and the route of the common mental functions, physiological (the to the function “ of the”emotionals”which declines only the adjectival aspect “belonging” whitout the  luggage of “knowledge”, as “in Pythagora’s In.corporals” by which there was probably the same thing is not similar to inbodily organs “



               The “Emotionals “ are a pre- matter abstractness derived from      born , from the energetical dynamics which carries the message of Consciousness Self – consciousness Resultated / resultant required by the “Informational” Phenomen .


               There are results coming from the resonance essemble of the clean medialis,  undisturbed which are expressed by the mental (information receiver) as some permutable games producing signs of Cognition and Recognition. The collocation cognition-recognition ,like a  “ deja – vu , sans motif est une emotion “ , is generated / produced by astonishment / surprise .


                The Cognition – Recognition is a Pre – identification and an Identification even an ” Identification with the Emotion “ it is the reverberation of the image of identity , on which there is based on the “moment of Pre- Identification “ ; it is  the arrival of the consciousness which sums up the vibration , the  vibrations (the medialis) and comes out to identification, at the “Moment of self - valuation” ,


                 It is an emotional , it is a physical and Informational Synthesis of the  Self – Valuation of Pre- Identity , and it becomes part of the Identification Consciousness – within the game, the Variability of the concept “Cognition – Precognition”.


         Each amount , harmonies of vibrations ,groups have given birth ,  have given rebirth by bringing up “summing “ in the emotionals .


                 The Emotion , the Emotionals are the former summing up of the  harmonized vibrations or they are not,by medialis,born by the formation, the Informational birth , to the ratio Matter(material) – Energy…. from the coming out , the Pre- Matter coming into being , of the Energetical endowments which make up the Matter .


                Be an element of affirmation of “Cognoscibility”, be  the Mental Modality to Receive, be a Variable of  “Consciousness Entity “ it is essential to be independent , on an abstract frame , supra – motivating and even delirious (oniric) , raving characteristic included in the  Non-Cognoscibility,a Symbolical Non – Matter(material) identity , cohabiting from the harmony - comprehending and summing up of the Energetical Vibrational side- informational – a synthesis  of the bundle of vibrations summed up and expressed with a certain and common  reason …


                It is as if the “Lictors’ fascis “ and “Jupiter ‘s Bundle of Lightning wished to remind the  essence of the  emotionals for ever shoving tutorial threat , but the symbol of the Energetical Informational resultant , “the  mankind’s Birth “


                It is superisingly that we are , as Mental and Psychic receivers , at the junction of reunion of the Physical and Energetical , of Matter , “the Emotionals” with “the Informational Extendet and Comprehensive”.


We are sensitive in the above mentioned planes , at the points of the maximum of the energetical vibrations above mentioned , that the moment of their expressing ( of the emotionals ) is possible simultaneously with the passing moment , of the  passing start along the route from the pre-matter to matter (material), and where is the moment of exteriorizing by “Logos” assigned  / settled down ?.....


The Emotionals,Emotionalities,or In.Coaglutinablilties(Calcan)-Concept that defines the activity of the Biological Energetical Variability (Combinatory of Medietaties Graf Trunk Fractal,under the Form of  a creational resultant defining,characteristic for the “Complex of Consciousness and whose total functionality takes variores aspects on a large scale.




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